Tuesday Mailbox: A message from a fan

Hey Cam and SB,

I bet you get fan mail in the ratio 1 to 500 hate messages, so I wanted to balance it out with one of support.

You’ll know from my email address that I’m both a subscriber to Whaleoil and WhaleMeat (enjoyed 2 delicious deliveries so far), and whilst I don’t always agree with your content, I enjoy all of it, and would defend your right to publish and say whatever you like. I’m one of many that would find it hard to wear WO merchandise, or publicly support you, not because we’re embarrassed, but because the left are so irrational in their hate, that it puts our families and employers at risk. They simply cannot draw a line between the person and their political views; their biased lens on the world suggests that anyone who is not a socialist is inherently evil, irrespective of their deeds. I judge people on their actions and behaviour, politics be damned.

I’d be considered a large private employer in New Zealand and they are all paid significantly more than the minimum wage. The thing that confuses me about this is that a number of them would subscribe to the doctrine of the left and socialism; it makes no logical sense to me, especially when I note that many of them do not volunteer in their communities, are slow to donate for local causes, and have no understanding of taxation and where the money really comes from. They scream for fairness, yet sit firmly in the “other people should do more” camp, yet are themselves in the 1%.

The fact that capitalism lifts people out of poverty, and enables a society to support those that need it is lost on many of them; what is so wrong with our media and universities that they are able to freely promote a socialist agenda unfettered, and miss out all the bad bits like, I don’t know, the deaths of millions of people. I’m by no means right wing, and if anything I’m a social libertarian if I had to be labelled. I believe in small government, free healthcare, strong policing, and protection of borders. In the eyes of the left, I’m a racist, omni-phobe. It is quite bizarre.

I, like my family, give generously to charities (both time and money), we volunteer, we support, and we care about a fair society. I’m an atheist but was brought up in Christian schools and subscribe to Christian values, except the praying to the sky and hoping for miracles stuff. I have no issue with those people that do, each to their own, so long as it does not trample my right to go about my business. Sadly, I know for a fact that my children don’t dare discuss politics or religion at school, and on the occasions where they challenge the orthodoxy, they are singled out for criticism. We are not the only ones I am sure; we’re just a normal hard-working Kiwi family, and we love this country. The divisive and toxic culture that the extremists to the left bring out is destroying family values, and our proud heritage. We’re being made to feel ashamed of our past, and it is being re-written every day.

I value the messaging and bravery of you and SB, as you are at the front-line of the vitriol. You are exposing yourself and your family to the pointy end of the hatred, and I just wanted you both to know that there are many people that support you behind closed doors and that you are making a difference. Thank you for all you do to bring balance to the media, and in reporting what you do.

Feel free to publish any parts of this message but please do not identify me in any way as it would cause some issues for me and it would be easy for anyone to find my social media footprint from my email; I’m happy to validate who I am in person with you and to explain why any identification would be a problem for me, but the fact that this would be an issue is an indictment on the left and their fear tactics.

Keep up the good work, and best of luck with WhaleMeat; I’ll get my next order in soon!