Two impertinent questions for PPTA union apparatchik Tom Haig

Happy school children whose school was not closed by the Labour-led coalition government because it is a teacher union-backed state school

A recent article?by Alwyn?Poole on Stuff made the following points:

  • Statistically, New Zealand has one of the most racist education systems in the OECD.
  • Equality of opportunity, regardless of ethnicity or wealth, should be the foundation stone of our education system.
  • The key qualification to bring about change is University Entrance.
  • Only 19% of M?ori?school leavers and 22% of Pasifika students achieved University Entrance.

The article then went on to propose ten solutions.

The response from the PPTA through Tom Haig’s Twitter account to Alwyn Poole’s article was that teachers cannot make a difference due to socio-economics, and the cause of educational inequality is “colonialism” (i.e. it was the fault of James Cook).

Alwyn Poole has responded to the attack by saying that Haig’s response poses two questions:

  1. ?If teachers are so ineffective, why are they asking for a pay rise (or to be paid above a baby sitter’s rate or at all)?
  2. ?Why is Tom still in the country?