We swapped energy self sufficiency for climate change flag waving

Just where did this short-sighted government think we were going to source our power from when they shut the door on oil and gas exploration and alerted the mining industry that their neck was also on the chopping block?

Refer Whaleoil??Rat on the green party menu? for a warning from the mining industry on importing products from third world countries that don?t engage in ethical or safe mining practices.

Effectively, we become environmental parasites, happy to accept products from countries indulging in unethical practices while we wave the flag of environmental purity.? Pure hypocrisy.

Unfortunately,?our government made its decision to pursue a nebulous climate change agenda?and to shut down our established and potential oil, gas and mining industries.

Huntly Power Station on the banks of the Waikato river

Now a newspaper reports that Genesis Energy Chief Executive Marc England warns Genesis is running out of fuel.? Quote.

We are close to pushing the button on some coal imports because we need to keep our stocks up at Huntly so that we can keep the lights on.

Genesis Energy is looking at importing coal as it grapples with a tight wholesale electricity market and a shortage of gas.? End of quote.

Well if this doesn?t confirm the coalition government’s proclivity to sabotage our economic future by dealing a swift uppercut to the energy sector, I don?t know what will. Quote.

When we do that (import coal), New Zealand is suddenly not self-sufficient for its energy,” he said.

Added to the supply/demand problem was the planned outage of Unit-5, a highly-efficient, gas-fired turbine at Huntly, for five weeks later this month and next month. Unit 5, which serves 400,000 households, is already running at half its capacity due to the gas shortage.

“It’s a bit of a warning for the change that New Zealand will have in a world without gas.”?? End of quote.

We will no longer be self sufficient for our energy, we will have swapped energy self sufficiency for climate change enthusiast flag waving.? Did anyone in the current government realise what would happen? Did any of the opposition think it might be a problem?? What are we paying our politicians for?

This is a very big turnaround for resource rich New Zealand and it’s not just the energy sector that will be hurting.

The latest?MBIE report on the manufacturing sector lists some basic goods manufactured here that will be affected by energy price and availability.? Quote.

A large part of manufacturing in New Zealand ? as is the case in most developed economies ? is focused on the production of low and medium-low technology goods e.g. food and beverage products, metal products, textiles, plastics, paper, lumber and building materials.” End of quote.

In the twinkling of an eye we are at the mercy of international oil, gas and coal supply and pricing while our own resources lie neglected.