Weapons grade whitewash incoming

It was a day of substandard compliance issues in the media yesterday. First, there was the whole NZTA compliance and safety story, and then there was this. Quote:

A new report released today by Regan Cunliffe shows that almost four years after the Vulnerable Children Act was enacted, up to 62% of schools did not have a Child Protection Policy, with a known 267 schools not being in compliance. This amounts to up to a possible 484,000 children affected. Additionally, of those schools which were known to not have a Child Protection Policy in this report, ERO did not identify any related policy issues in 94% of cases and misled parents and caregivers by providing explicit assurance in their reports that they had checked compliance or policies relating to the Act for 68% of cases.

This report uncovers a systemic nationwide failure involving school boards, principals, NZSTA, ERO and the Ministry of Education in relation to the Vulnerable Children Act 2014.?End quote.

Stuff reports:?Quote:

ERO chief review officer Nicholas Pole said ERO as part of its school reviews sought regular “attestation from a school’s board that they have appropriate policies in place”.

It also sighted the policies and had a quality assurance process, she said.?End quote.

Except that?s not what the report found. How could they sight something that didn?t exist??Quote:

“Where these requirements are not in place this is discussed with the board and their responsibilities are made clear,” she said.?End quote.

Except this seems to have only happened in 6% of cases.?Quote:

“I would be extremely disappointed if that was not the case in every review.?End quote.

A Newspaper reported:?Quote:

School Trustees Association president Lorraine Kerr said most boards “don’t tend to have specific policies for specific things”.

“Rather, they would have one policy under Health & Safety including wellbeing that would include the [Vulnerable Children] Act and the wellbeing of every child,” she said. End quote.

Aren?t these people the ones that the Ministry of Education pays to help make sure School Boards of Trustees are doing what they?re meant to do? It would seem that Ms Kerr doesn?t even understand the requirements of the legislation or bother to read the report. No wonder there is such a mess.

Just as Twyford announced an independent review into safety compliance after an RNZ reporter did some digging, will Hipkins do the same after Regan?s digging?

I can see a weapons-grade whitewash coming.