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Buzz E Bee?mod
[MOD] A big welcome to the many new readers who have tuned into Whaleoil and a special welcome to those of you newbies who have taken to posting comments. Take a chair and grab a glass of your favourite while I share some pearls that I found in a box in the dungeon

The first thing you will have noticed is that the comment sections are overall, very polite. That is because those that survive here understand our Commenting?Policy which can be accessed by clicking the link in the blurb at the top of the comments section. Our regular commenters enjoy the exchanges here for that reason.

These rules allow people to speak their minds freely and at the same time conduct themselves well. Legally that is known, at least in America, as Expressive Conduct. As we are not in America let me simplify it by quoting three of the ten “Commenting?Commandments.

2. Be truthful and keep it legal,
3. Keep your language clean and respectful,
8. Act like a guest.

It is free speech coupled with good conduct that makes you welcome here.

A good example of when people break what I term as the?”Free Speech with Conduct”?ethic, is when they speculate on legal matters (2), “just make stuff up” (2), swear?(3), (even if it employs M4$K!NG or using ast****ks like that). We don’t care if Marama Davidson wants to claim the word C**t.

Whatever you do do not personally attack any writer, commenter (8) and yes that includes us Moderators or a moderation decision! Definitely not the last one because we have access to this button…

So in the words of that wise sage Dirty Harry,?”go ahead, make my day.”

Actually, it doesn’t make my day at all. Which is why this informative missive is written for you so that you can avoid Thor’s hammer falling on your lovely avatar.

We are giving you a gentle nudge whenever you see the [MOD REDACTED]… erm … redaction. Think of that as us saying, “don’t try that tone or line with us mate!” But I digress – what makes my day is reading very informative posts coupled with a plethora (do you like that one) of ideas, opinions and at times some deep serious debate…

It is also a relief that there is scope so that you can disagree with our writing team and even with the owner of this blog – Cam. Yes, my first bombshell! (Heck, everyone else has one recently, why can’t I?)

If I can offer you one piece of advice it is this -?wear sunscreen. “Whaleoil is a RESPECTFUL forum for opinions.”?You know that comfy chair you are sitting in, that is what a respectful dinner party is like, you are a guest in someone’s house: Cam’s house, which is another thing to take on board. You are a guest so please act like a guest, not a gatecrasher.

Over the past week we have witnessed some unbelievable revelations in parliament and so if you want to see how the above “Free Speech with Conduct” ethic is carried out just read the comment sections, especially the ones relating to that particular topic du jour. You will witness people from both sides of the fence discussing freely, conducting themselves with respect. That makes the comments rich and educational.

Now, the astute observer would have noticed that the three “Commandments”?listed earlier are not numbered 1-3 but 2,3 and 8. That is their “Commandment Number.” So if you haven’t already, look and see what Commandments 1,4,5,6,7,9 and 10 are. Here is a hint, I leaked two earlier! Nah! Not telling.

Do not be afraid to post. The golden rule for a new commenter, after reading the rules, is that if you have doubts about what you are typing, don’t post. Yet at the same time, I hope by introducing you to the rules, that you will feel more confident in posting and have less doubt.

I will leave you now and go and entertain the other guests and make sure the fridge is full. Feel free to chat here. In the Backchat room, you can talk about almost anything as you will see. Just remember, “Free Speech with Conduct.”


by Buzz.

(On behalf of The Mod Team)