Whaleoil Racing Team: Day one roundup

The whale eye view.

Well another couple of big days. We spent Labour Monday attaching decals etc to all the Targa Tour cars. There is around 150 cars over all so there’s something that will appeal to everyone.

Today we started out at 7am, the first stages went up into Wyndham and Gore, the?Viagra sales hub on NZ.

Ended the day with a run Southbound down the amazing Catlins Coast Rd, but unfortunately there were technical issues and the stage had to be cancelled so we missed out on that one. The good news is we will be doing a northbound run today so hopefully everything will be sorted in time for that.

The race leader at the end of the day is Hayden McKenzie. Here is a couple of the Targa Facebook page daily roundups including a nasty wee crash of the Altrax Ford Escort.

Tomorrow we head to Dunedin via a Northbound run up the Catlins Coast Rd which is new for us and a couple of pretty cool new stages around Dunedin.

Spectator Map Day 2

Three stages are very close to Dunedin including a really neat road that runs from Waihola up and over the hill to Taieri Mouth, complete with incredible views of the ocean as you come over the top.

Catch us at the lunch break at the Tokomariro A&P Showgrounds and at the end of the day we will all be at Dunedin stadium.

Hope to see a few Oilers around the place, don’t forget to flick us the Whaleoil salute as we fly by.

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