Whaleoil Racing Team: Day three

Some great stages yesterday as we wound our way up towards Oamaru then back to Dunedin where we parked up again at the stadium.

Two of the stages were run twice which is fun as you can learn each stage a little bit better. You get a bit braver but you still second guess yourself at times, is this where it is straight after this brow?

Unfortunately there was rain all day yesterday and at least five race cars have had reasonably big crashes. Thankfully, everyone was OK but there are a few pretty sad looking vehicles out there at the moment.

We had an unfortunate issue on Wednesday which is why I wasn’t able to get an update out.

Targa Tour crash scene

One of our Tour occupants had a major crash only three cars ahead of us. As my role in the Tour is as an official midpoint safety car, we were the first to stop at the scene and we spent nearly an hour with the driver in the vehicle prior to him being airlifted out. The vehicle, a modern BMW, driven by a lovely 70 year old man, failed to take a tightening corner and tumbled over a bank.

Fortunately, the inherent safety aspects of the car proved their worth and, although the man was unconscious for a few minutes, after spending the night in hospital, he was discharged yesterday and will no doubt make a full recovery. His co-driver suffered a fractured wrist and shock but will also be OK.

I was very glad to have a good team of helpers with this one but it was pretty traumatic for them; this being the first time any of them had seen this sort of thing before. For me, it took me back to all those crashes I attended in my past life so it was good to be able to put my experience to work and come up with a happy ending.

The race leader has now changed; it is now Glenn Inkster (Mitsubishi Evo), who was around two minutes ahead of Martin Dippie in a Porsche 911.

Today we head to more stages around Dunedin then onto Lawrence and Ettrick. You will find us at lunch at the Toko A&P grounds in Milton again.

Spectator Map Day 4

At the close of the day you will find us at Warren Park in Queenstown – at the old high school grounds.

Keep an eye out for this awesome Monster Mustang. This is the same model as mine but has had the motor replaced with a 5.4 litre supercharged engine from a 2013 GT500. It has over 600bhp at the wheels and must have been a real handful on the wet roads yesterday. But the Ramson Machinery boys have been going great guns and are steadily moving up through the field.

Ramson Machinery Mustang 5.4 Supercharged