Whaleoil transcription: Leighton Smith on Karel Sroubek

Leighton Smith

ZB 30 October 2018


Identity secret, and then 2017; name suppression lifted, court of appeal rejects bid to quash conviction.

He has been in and out of the courts?police cells on various matters, but connected matters.

He is a crim; how he got off previous charges, like I say, I don?t know because we are not told. But there are usually reasons.

Some of them you might recall from time to time we have had discussions when people have got off on pure technicalities and it seems so frustrating simply because a policeman didn?t cross his ?t? – or something similar.

So that to me tends to indicate that there is a strong possibility or at least a low possibility that the …[pause]…why else would the judge keep his name from being published? Why would he have name suppression under those circumstances with the importation of the materials and the manufacture.
I will leave it with you; at this particular point of time, the question being, and still is: do you accept the PM?s backing?

Although to me, it wasn?t a strong backing; she had no choice.

That was me reading between the lines and I was just following her suggestion ?read between the lines? that she was backing Lees-Galloway?s decision.