When you fail to kill Mr. Kaplan the bodies start turning up

My earlier post explained what and who Mr. Kaplan is.

In his extended interview with NewstalkZB, Jami-Lee Ross gave hints as to what happens next: Quote:

Ross previously planned to stand down from his Botany seat today and force a by-election, but now wants to remain in Parliament.

He fired a warning to the party, saying he could also dish the dirt on a lot of the activity that he took part in as chief whip.

There is a rot in the National Party. People on behalf of the leadership get asked to do things so the leader is kept clean.

“I was asked to help exit Todd Barclay because he was becoming difficult for Bill English. Bill English was kept clean. Paula Bennett was pulling the puppet strings. But recordings about him came out an ended up in the media.”

He said he had a number of text messages between him and John Key about a donation that had become difficult.

“I was asked by John Key to go in and talk to the donor and see if there was something about the Labour Party that we could find out. John Key and I ended up discussing that later on in text messages.

“The National Party has now decided to smear my reputation as much as possible. I simply can’t run in a byelection on that basis. I’ve decided it’s more important to continue talking about the National Party.” End quote.

When National and Paula’s dirt team went personal in an attempt to destroy Jami-Lee Ross they change the rules forever in New Zealand politics. The fact that they, along with Melanie Reid, were too stupid to see how drastically they changed the landscape shows that they are unfit to lead.

We are now going to find out why it was that I had nothing to do with National after 2014. People thought that National had distanced themselves from me, and in some respects they did. It was what else they did as John Key’s and Bill English’s henchmen; rang news outlets and quietly had me banned and blocked. They did quietly what National did publicly to Todd Barclay and now to Jami-Lee Ross. I was resilient, I didn’t back down and thanks to my loyal readers and supporters I remain stronger than ever.

Jami-Lee Ross, it seems, is tougher than most. He has copped an awful, though not undeserved, flogging. Yes he has acted appallingly. But he didn’t learn his trade all by himself.

As you can see, he has alluded to his enablers and supporters who promoted him in the past. They are the ones responsible for the monster he became. They groomed him, they trained him, they unleashed him.

I, more than most, have no reason to ever speak with Jami-Lee Ross again. He snitched on me, he ratted out my thoughts to John Key and Bill English and he was sent to to try and smooth things over. I am not backing Jami-lee Ross or his actions, but I am enjoying watching him stand up to the bullies in National who seek to hide from their awful truth.

People are going to find out that their heroes weren’t heroes at all. They were charlatans and self-promoters, only ever concerned about finding a bigger and safer trough for themselves. They are going to find out that catch up is painful, and they are no longer in positions of power to try and hush it all up.

Jami-Lee Ross is National’s Mr. Kaplan, but they have also turned him into the Joker: