Whips tell National MPs not to talk about leadership

Simon Bridges? failing leadership is forcing the whips to strong arm all the National MPs into saying nothing about the leadership to the media tomorrow as they go into caucus. I’ve learned that there is growing concern amongst caucus members of bunker mentality setting in.

Bridges interview with Duncan Garner this morning had some good bits, but essentially was a defensive play all the way through. Bridges failed to answer the question over his own polling.??

So, the message has been put out that no-one is to comment to the media, and that there are approved lines that basically say ?Bridges is doing a great job and we all support him? when this is an obvious lie.

The sensible MPs will refuse to say a thing about Bridges. Some will think they need to defend the leader and say something and get it wrong, saying ?Bridges has my support…at the moment?.

The cunning members of the media will ask if MPs are happy with a leader that has spent 8 months introducing himself to the public, starting out with net favourables of -2% and managing to lower them to -25%.

The really cunning members of the media will ask ?Where do you think National?s party vote polling would be if you had a leader was actually popular, not one with -25% net favourables”.

It looks like the pressure is off the government for a few weeks, while the media wolf pack are baying after the weak and wounded.