The ‘migrant caravan’ is a communist invasion of America

By Kitty Hawk

By now, nearly everyone in the U.S. has seen images and heard about the ?migrant caravan? of 7-9,000 Central Americans headed for our border, but the blame for who is in charge has only recently been revealed?via a news article on MSN.

Before I show you and explain who?s behind it, let?s bust some of the misconceptions I?ve heard from the Right?though I am one of them.

?The Democrats are behind this,? said President Donald Trump, but he?s only partially right.

?It?s the Catholic Church,? claim all the conservative Protestants, but they, too, are only partially right.

?It?s George Soros,? claim the most uninformed among them. Sorry to burst your bubble, but in this case, Soros has nothing to do with it.

Give up? Here?s the bastard who really organized this thing:

pic 1 - Bartolo Fuentes

As you can see, his name is Bartolo Fuentes, a former Honduran ?lawmaker.? I hate to see what ?laws? he created, because, as you shall see, he is one of those who doesn?t believe in laws, only Communist anarchy.

The following images are from his Facebook page and the organizations he links to. #1 clearly shows the magic word of who?s funding this melee: China.

pic 2 - China

This photo contains the other magic word: Progressive (in Spanish) and shows everyone wearing the magic Communist colour, Red:

pic 3 - Communists

Here is the next important connection: a Latino minister living in the United States who is coordinating funds for the caravan from the most radical, left-wing members of American CHURCHES:

pic 4

Yes, Churches: lots and lots of Churches. The Roman Catholics, encouraged by their Socialist Pope Francis, are numero uno. They are the ones providing much of the money for their travels and putting them up for the night:

pic 5 - Catholics

The Catholics are not alone. No, sir. Funds are also pouring in from leftists within the Baptists, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Quakers (the Friends Service Committee), and of course the Unitarian-Universalists. Another misconception is that the Presidents of Honduras and Guatemala are behind this invasion. This is not true. Take a look:

pic 6 - Presidents

Note their reference to ?political goals.? They know the truth. This is, plain and simple, a Communist invasion of America. Here is a photo of GUATEMALAN police pulling them off their bus (yes, they?re not all walking, tons of them are taking buses):

pic 7 - Gutatemalan police

Here are Honduran police staring them down:

pic 8 - Honduran police

Oh yes, some of the money is also coming from Democratic Socialists who are not church-related in the U.S. In this photo, note the words on the T-shirt on the right. Where did she get that? ?I suspect the Clinton machine:

pic 9 - note shirt on the right

The Mexican police are doing the best they can to deter them. Here are some photos to prove it:

pic 10

pic 11

pic 12 (2)

They?re giving them food but pushing back, telling them to get the hell out but these people are highly motivated by the Commies, the Socialist-leaning Churches and Democratic Socialists in the U.S.

The goal is to tar President Trump as a heartless cad and a racist just before the 2018 midterm elections. They know full well that the U.S. Army will be defending the border, and they know what that means: PHOTO OPS. Poor widdle kiddies crying as they are being tear-gassed. Adults who get in the face of the soldiers being shot. This is a coup attempt of the first magnitude.

What they fail to realize is that nearly 70% of Americans, including Hispanic Americans, agree with President Trump on illegal migrants. The reason they don?t realize this is that the Socialist media in our country is telling them the opposite. This is their big push to take over the House and Senate this fall.

Please share and pass this around. This needs to be known.


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