Why I continue to support Whaleoil


After reading yesterday about a few subscribers cancelling their subscriptions to Whaleoil because they think Cam “should go easy on Simon?Bridges and Paula Bennett,” I thought that now would be a good time to mention the reasons why I continue to support Whaleoil.

I guess I could say my number one reason would be because I believe in free speech, but it actually isn?t…well not quite anyway.

My support started during the last National government?s unashamed attacks on Israel in 2016. The moving of UNSC resolution 2334 made me ashamed to be a Kiwi. There was only one place where there was almost total support of Israel and condemnation of what New Zealand did. Whaleoil?s support was ?led from the top? by Cameron Slater. Anyway, that?s another debate ? suffice to say the same can be said today, as Whaleoil?s support for Israel continues.

I don’t think that I have ever met Cameron. I may have years ago at a National party conference, but my knowledge of him is through what he posts on Whaleoil. While I don’t agree with everything, I like what the judge said in a recent judgement recently that Cameron ?performed, in my view, an important role in breaking the news that the rumours had substance and could be proved.” The judge also said that he didn?t accept that Cameron spread lies?or made up allegations?or gathered information that he knew was fake or untrue; or published material? knowing it not to be true.

I couldn?t have said that better. I enjoy the posts, I actually often find out more that is happening here than what is published in the mainstream media. I first read in a post in the General Debate about the spread of Islam in the South Pacific.

I now enjoy being able to contribute (when I get time) through quizzes and the odd poll. This is actually my second ever post. My first one was about how Conservatism feels like modern day leprosy. My experience behind the scenes working in our virtual office is that Whaleoil is a team of ordinary people happily working with Cam.

I believe that our economy is starting to head south. I do support Whaleoil and that?s why I am a subscriber. For the cost of a couple of lattes a week I can ensure that Whaleoil survives the challenging days ahead.