Pandora’s political box is wide open

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One thing has become very clear to me during the latest political?shitstorm. Overall Oilers are not afraid to call out and condemn bad behaviour from their own side. Whenever there is a left-wing scandal the left-wing blogs fall over themselves to try to justify and excuse the bad behaviour. They always play a defensive game where they try to take the heat off their own players by pointing out bad behaviour from the other team as if two wrongs make a right. The National party clearly has a problem with bad behaviour that needs to be condemned and addressed. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to look at how other New Zealand political parties have handled their scandals and how they managed to shut them down.

There have been quite a few political scandals recently and the biggest one of them all, the Sex abuse scandal at the Young Labour Camp has been swept neatly under the carpet never to be mentioned by the media again.

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The Labour party’s Sex abuse scandal:

The Labour party made sure that the man who should have been held accountable for the Young labour camp sex scandal was allowed to quietly resign long after the dust had settled. They removed the problem without having to take any responsibility for what happened. Prime Minister Ardern shut down media coverage of the scandal by setting up one of her famous working groups to look into the problem; she made the length of the enquiry so long that the scandal would be forgotten about by the time it was concluded. Essentially she said they were looking into the problem, spun some wheels for several months and then quietly shelved the whole thing and moved on.

The Labour party’s Corruption scandal:

In this case, a minister who had been exposed repeatedly for unacceptable conduct was allowed to limp on by the prime minister despite the damage it was doing to the government. The pressure continued to mount until?Claire Cullen couldn’t take it anymore and removed herself by resigning rather than wait for her leader to grow a pair. Some speculated that behind the scenes she was told to resign by the Prime Minister but, whichever option it was, it was a messy end to a scandal that should have been nipped in the bud a lot earlier.

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The Labour party workplace bullying scandal:

This scandal will never go away because the Minister involved, Meka Whaitiri, was demoted but allowed to remain in parliament. An?assault on a staff member and a culture of poor treatment of past staff was revealed. However the Maori?MP’s ganged up to protect one of their own and the opportunity to make a strong stance to say that assault and bullying is never okay was lost.

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The Green party C**ts scandal:

Two different?Green MPs (one the co-leader of the Green party) used the word ‘c**t’ in public. Eugenie Sage used it during an interview and Marama Davidson used it in front of families with young children. Neither apologised and Marama Davidson doubled down in an attempt to justify her use of the offensive word. The other Green party co-leader defended Marama Davidson’s foul language and no remorse was shown by anyone in the party. Perhaps due to the fact that the Greens?are not viewed by the public as a serious, respectable political party but more as ragtag bag of socialist activists, no one seemed too upset about the poor behaviour of the MPs and the story died a quick death.

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National has a large problem on their hands but it is completely survivable if they employ effective methods to shut the story down. They have lost the opportunity to shut the story down quietly and with minimal casualties. Now the only option left to them is decisive action that will assure the party followers that all issues have been addressed and that all lame MP’s have been shot in the back of the head and removed from the stage. Nothing less than a fresh slate scrubbed clean is going to make this scandal go away. Ignoring it and doubling down is not an option since the media are currently in a feeding frenzy. Evidence of this is the fact that a long tradition of the media ignoring politicians’ sex lives has gone out the window. Now every single journalist and MP who has ever had sex is in the crosshairs. A Witch hunt of #MeToo proportions has descended on New Zealand. Pandora’s political box is wide open.