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sudoriferous (adj) – Producing or secreting sweat.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : The English adjective sudoriferous comes from Late Latin s?d?rifer, literally ?sweat-bearing.? The Latin suffix -fer ?carrying, bearing,? very familiar in English, comes from the verb ferre ?to carry, bring, bear,? from the common Proto-Indo-European root bher- ?to carry, bear,? source of Sanskrit bh?rati, Greek ph?rein, Celtic (Old Irish) biru, Germanic (English) bear, and Slavic (Polish) biera?, all meaning ?carry.? The Latin noun s?dor is a derivative of the verb s?d?re, from the Proto-Indo-European root sweid-, swoid- ?to sweat? (swoid- becomes s?d- in Latin). The Germanic derivative of the Proto-Indo-European noun swoidos is swaitaz, which becomes sw?t in Old English (English sweat). Sudoriferous entered English in the late 16th century.