A patriotic leader now is worth an ounce of cure later

Viktor Orban and Matteo Salvini – Image: Facebook

Europeans are increasingly supporting patriotic leaders who put their people and safety first. What worries me, however, is that the people tend not to act until the problems that come with Muslim immigration are already well advanced. We in New Zealand can see quite clearly what is already happening in Europe and now in Australia yet can we get enough people activated in order to support a Patriotic New Zealand political leader? One who will put New Zealanders and their safety before the needs wants and desires of unsuitable immigrants and refugees who are colonising Western countries by stealth and who always bring with them a terrorist and violent element. Can we get such a leader BEFORE our women and young girls are no longer safe in New Zealand and diversity bollards are polluting our cities to protect our citizens from trucks of peace?

Truck of peace

Why should we have to wait for the inevitable truck of peace in New Zealand to act?

Why should we wait for the first Muslim child rape gang here in New Zealand to be uncovered?

Why should we wait until multiple cases of female genital mutilation are revealed?

Why should we wait for a Sharia supporting MP to get in on the Green party List or the Labour?List?

The Ministry of Silly hats. Credit: Boondecker

Hell, I wouldn’t even put it past the National party?these days to bring in a hijabi wearing Sharia supporting Linda Sarsour clone. We need to do what Europe is doing BEFORE we experience?the serious problems that most of Europe already has. The voice of Europe reports?quote.

The populist, anti-migration nationalists are on the rise across the European Union and recent polls show the rate of their increase is also on the rise! Italy, France, Hungary and Spain especially.

A recent poll from 4 November from the Institut Fran?ais D?opinion Publique (IFOP) showed that French President Emmanuel Macron?s centrist party Republic on the Move (LREM) has plunged to 19 per cent, while Marine Le Pen?s right-wing Rassemblement National (RN, formerly National Front) jumped to 21 per cent.

Victor Orb?n?s Fidesz party and their Christian Democratic People?s Party allies, according to a Hungarian national poll, reveal their support, already the highest in Europe, has increased to 63 per cent, the second most ?popular? party hobbling in at 11 per cent. End quote.

In Spain, recent polls by Celeste-Tel reveal?five times more support?from the electorate, just since January for the party that vows to ?make Spain great again?. The leader of the Spanish Vox party, Santiago Abascal, explained the recent surge in support for the Vox party, he said it is because the are ?in step with what millions of Spaniards think?.

Italy. Italy?s League, led by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, continues to outperform its coalition partners, the Five Star Movement.

Salvini, voted the most trusted and popular politician in Italy according to a poll by Giorno in July, and his party Lega lead with 31 per cent while Five Star comes in at 27 per cent, according to pollster Noto.?A recent poll showed that support for Salvini has even increased to?34.7 per cent.

Populists among the EU parliament are uniting, last month?Salvini and Le Pen met in Romeand announced their ?Freedom Front? as clearly, pro-nationalism parties lead their rivals heading into next year?s EU parliamentary election.End quote.