A cup of cold sick with your sausage roll, Phil?

With exquisite timing, during the Labour Party conference, the Otago Daily Times has reported?yet another Kiwibuild disaster. Quote.

The South Island?s much-heralded first foray into KiwiBuild home ownership has been a bit of a fizzer ? at least so far.

So few prospective homebuyers have entered the ballot for 10 KiwiBuild house and land packages in the Northlake suburb of Wanaka that the developer has asked to extend the ballot period by 10 days.

The ballot was due to close on Thursday.

KiwiBuild senior media adviser Mark Hanson said yesterday 20 ballot entries had been received.

??Some houses have received no entries and the developer has asked us to extend the ballot to Sunday, November 18, to allow for people who they are working with more time to work through their pre-qualification process.??

KiwiBuild stakeholder engagement and communications general manager Rachel Smalley said early last month there had been ??well over 1,100 ballots?? for an 18-house KiwiBuild development in South Auckland. […] End of quote.

Poor old Rachel:? Her LinkedIn profile claims, “Rachel Smalley is an instinctive and experienced communicator with a proven ability in stakeholder management, designing and implementing media and public engagement strategies, and telling stories in a way that is both innovative and influential. ”

Rachel’s innovative story telling clearly has not engaged the public or influenced many down south. Quote.

The Northlake KiwiBuild homes were the first announced outside Auckland.

Four two-bedroom and six three-bedroom detached houses costing between $565,000 and $650,000 are in the ballot. […]

Housing Minister Phil Twyford travelled to Wanaka in late September to announce 211 KiwiBuild homes would be built at Northlake over two years. […] End of quote.

Oh dear, oh dear! 211 coming and not enough public interest to move the first 10. Quote.

A spokeswoman for Bayleys Wanaka, which is advertising the KiwiBuild homes, declined to comment. End of quote.

Due to embarrassment? Quote.

At the time he announced the Wanaka programme, Mr Twyford said the Queenstown-Lakes district had been “absolutely hammered by the housing crisis”.

“So here in Wanaka and Queenstown we’ll be announcing more KiwiBuild homes because we want to give young first-home buyers a crack at affordable home ownership and currently they’re locked out.” End of quote.

Yup, so badly locked out they couldn’t be bothered going into a ballot for a state subsidised house.

Poor old Phil, it is not his year, is it?? Housing is crashing down around him and he and NZTA are ensuring that the wheels are coming off transport.

This latest Kiwibuild news will go down like a cup of cold sick.

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