A Kiwi journalist, a feminist icon & an LGBT icon walk into a bar

A Kiwi journalist, a feminist icon and an LGBT icon walk into a bar and get shunned for having the wrong opinions.

This is not a joke, but it should be. The idea that people in modern times should be shunned and punished by members of their own communities and even by their so-called friends for ‘thought crimes’ is incredibly shocking stuff.

NZ Herald columnist Rachel Stewart

First we will start with our local example,?Kiwi journalist Rachel Stewart. She has been attacked by some of her fellow journalists as well as by some of her so-called friends for daring to discuss the dangers of self-identification on birth certificates. Her real thought crime however is her refusal to pretend that thinking that you are of the opposite sex actually makes it so.

Not so long ago her position on the victimhood pyramid would have protected her from this kind of nasty push-back but transgenders are now at the very top of the victimhood pyramid and being just a plain garden variety homosexual or lesbian no longer comes with the protection it once did. Homosexuals and lesbians can now be labelled oppressors and accused of having privilege and being trans-phobic – just like the rest of us ‘dumb’ heterosexuals who dare to challenge trangender activist group-speak and divisive identity politics.

Germaine Greer

Next we have feminist icon Germaine Greer, who was treated with respect and awe until she dared to say that trans women are not real women. Her thought crime has resulted in her being pushed roughly off her feminist pedestal, and now, whenever she is interviewed, it seems to be the only issue that the interviewer wants to talk about. Real women’s rights, it seems, are?pass? now, and?all they want to know is why she won’t accept men in skirts as her ‘sisters’.

Sky Gilbert

Finally we have Canadian?LGBT icon?Sky Gilbert. What has happened to him will shock you. His crime? A poem that mocked ‘ woke’ people. The Post Millenial explains: quote.

In early November, iconic Canadian playwright and LGBT activist Sky Gilbert posted a simple, humorous poem on his personal blog called??I?m Afraid of Woke People?. It?s a rather lightly toned rebuke of divisive identity politics.

In it, he expresses that the current trend of berating and shaming people for not being woke enough is, well,?problematic. In it, he writes, ?You see I believe (gulp!) that we should try and love everyone.? I assume most people would agree with this sentiment.

I think those of us who don?t spend the entirety of their days arguing on Twitter or Facebook do try to love (or at least accept) each other. Yet, it?s increasingly clear that identity politics and online activism has divided a lot of communities across North America. The practices of online shaming and mobbing have destroyed many careers, many families, and many lives. Gilbert?s poem was a simple missive that expressed this reality.

It turns out Gilbert had very good reason to be afraid of woke people. His poem hurt woke people?s feelings. And so the woke people came for him. Twitter activists targeted the theatre Gilbert was working with […]

Within six days of Gilbert?s blog post,?a reading of his play was cancelled, and within fifteen days, he had no choice but to walk away from?the theatre company he started. […]

Let?s take a moment to process this: Sky Gilbert, a gender non-conforming drag queen, gay poet and playwright who, on paper, has more intersectional points than one thousand Bernie Sanders rallies, was cast out of his own community (a community he helped to establish) for the crime of having an unfashionable opinion.

If this seems completely insane to you, that?s because it is. But then again, it?s 2018, and insanity is now par for the course. end quote.

These are dangerous times that we now live in. Being a member of a minority or even being a feminist or an LGBT icon is no longer enough to protect you. Anyone, ANY ONE who dares to disagree with divisive identity politics now has a target on their foreheads. God help us all.