A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

Thomas Jefferson and the USA broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow (1908 ? 1965) made the observation that a Nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

The notion that as a nation, we are responsible for our leaders and that we have to acknowledge the consequences of laziness and ignorance by the electorate are most poignant for the west and New Zealand today. As a nation of voters, when we give the government permission to always treat us as the lavatory, then we will always be in the shit.

If we the voters are not vigilant to take care who we put into office, then we deserve the resulting corruption and incompetence of a government of ideological weakness and ineptitude, eventually unable to control the economy to the ultimate detriment of the people.

Nations with a growing portion of blissfully ignorant voters, who do not use common sense and reason to critically evaluate current affairs, who blas?ly just believe in the biased MSM and who allow left-wing educational academia and tech companies to indoctrinate the young, will reap a government filled with narcissistic ideological activists who want to harm their nation. Their eventual use of open borders and enforced globalist capitulation will ultimately destroy their country?s sovereignty. This interpretation rings true to what is currently happening in our country and some other ?Western? nations.

New Zealanders are societal conformists, and with the influence of tech companies like for example Facebook, the young are indoctrinated at seeking happiness from ?external sources? instead of from within themselves. New Zealand is becoming more and more docile and irritatingly apathetically submissive, resulting in our government leaders finding no shame in treating us like ?sheep trapped in a maze designed by wolves?.

We seem to be a nation who blindly accept that leaders of a left-wing government are not supposed to be asked serious questions or to be held to account, therefore we allow our MSM to be the advertising agents for the government by their selectively manipulating facts and omitting the truth. The reason Jacinda doesn?t have to be treated like other former prime ministers is simply because the media is currently convincing the public, and the PM herself, to believe that she is more special than our New Zealand citizens.

Perhaps it was too late when the government of the day that legislated the New Zealand faulty MMP system eventually facilitated a minority party in 2017 with just a 7% total list vote to select a weak useless government. The first government in New Zealand in fact without the participation of the elected majority party.? What they missed is the concept of?the New Zealand voting democratic rights, freedom and sovereignty.

New Zealanders are afraid or just too apathetic, to tell the truth, express their unhappiness or make critical protests towards our leaders and the media. What kind of people are content to ?sleep? while our leaders are busy breaking into ?our bank? to steal and waste our money and our resources while destroying our future?

What is the impotent leftist National Party opposition doing? In my opinion not anywhere near enough.

Has the time come to call for a better electoral system that represents the true will of the New Zealand voters, instead of our current system of unelected MPs appointed by political parties who are in the position of? ?cobbling together? a government of minority elected and minority list parties?

New Zealand desperately needs a true conservative party, with a belief in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional Western values and a strong national defence with protected borders. A belief that the role of government should be to provide people with the legislative freedom necessary for people to pursue their own goals to build up New Zealand, and just as importantly to vote in the government that represents the will of the majority of the people.

However, my gut feeling is, that it?s too late as such a conservative party would not sit well within New Zealand today. My evidence is that we do not currently have such a conservative party which shows that New Zealand politically leans to the left and therefore the impetus to change the MMP system for the better does not exist.

The decades of training citizens to become sheep to make the world easier for wolves seems to be working; George Orwell in his fantasy novel 1984 actually got it right.



by Max Sky

I am an advocate for free speech, a better New Zealand including a renaissance of Western values, and culture