A not so subtle dig at Jacinda Ardern

According to Newshub our ever undiplomatic Jacinda Ardern – of the “he was not as orange as I expected” comments – has made another ‘subtle dig’ at Donald Trump during an interview with?the BBC. Quote.

Ms Ardern described how she prided herself on having empathy as a politician and has made a deliberate choice to avoid being too adversarial. End quote.

Prime Minister Jacinda?Ardern certainly has plenty of empathy to spare for country shopping, illegal migrants.

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She has plenty of empathy for the criminal dregs of humanity that are left on Nauru Island that no other country wants anywhere near their citizens.

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She has plenty of empathy for criminals who have repeatedly broken the law.

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She has plenty of empathy for Muslim refugees, but won’t offer a safe haven to a Christian woman from Pakistan;?the one who has Muslims in Pakistan threatening to slaughter her.

Where is her empathy for Christian refugees?

Where is her empathy for all the Charter school children and their families?

She avoided being seen as?adversarial by getting Chris Hipkins to fire her shots for her.

Hitman: Education Minister Chris Hipkins plans to eliminate Partnership schools
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Dominic Elliot holding a sign: “Jacinda where is your support now?”

Where is her empathy for all the New Zealand businesses and employees who lost their income and jobs because of her knee-jerk captain’s call on oil and gas?

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Jacinda Ardern’s approach is not a strong one like Trump’s where he comes at people from the front and makes it very clear what his expectations are and what he intends to do. Ardern hides behind others. She attacks from behind and with no warning. With Trump, what you see is what you get; whereas with Ardern you never know from one day to the next what she is going to say or do.

She has made decisions based on a letter from a child and other decisions without consultation or consideration of the long-term economic side effects on New Zealand because she wanted to virtue signal at the United Nations.

Jacinda World Tour 2018.
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Ardern has no reason to be proud of her empathy, because the people who need it don’t have it and the people who do have it are not worthy of it.