A reader’s response to the article: ‘US Congresswoman shows Muslim colours’

Friday’s Whaleoil article? “US Congresswoman Shows Muslim Colors”, states?that?”Omar is typical of Muslims living in the west, particularly women, who keep their heads down, ask to be left alone and want to be treated the same as everyone else, but this argument does not stack up,?because no other culture practices FGM.”

That is factually incorrect. FGM is practised by various?non-Muslim cultures in?Africa. FGM?in Africa predates Islam by thousands of years. While there is a close association between Islam and FGM, including in Africa, the two things?do not correlate exactly. FGM is?not?uniquely Islamic. Moreover, not all Muslims practice FGM -?though almost all practice MGM.

Every culture that practices FGM?also practices MGM?(male genital mutilation).?FGM and MGM?are?simply two different flavours of exactly the same thing which is the genital mutilation of?minors.?The consistent and?common-sense position is surely to oppose it all?

Criticizing Muslims for sexually?mutilating their daughters but saying nothing when?they?do the same to their?sons is pathetic. Any New Zealander genuinely concerned about child?genital mutilation could be protesting outside any one of the?numerous clinics that openly advertise their willingness to perform genital mutilation on children.

Don’t assume that because certain clinics openly advertise?MGM to parents?it must be?’legal’. Although not prosecuted (the Police Prosecution Service really needs to start?doing its?job)?child genital mutilation?is very much?illegal?in New Zealand. The only circumstance under which it would be legal would be if performed as a?medical necessity which is a?vanishingly?rare situation.?Specific?charges that could be laid against those performing or procuring this service (or allowing it to be performed)?might?include grievous bodily harm, injuring with intent, sexual assault, failure to protect a child or vulnerable adult, etc.


by Seamus Harris