A red hot HAM deal while stocks last

To celebrate smoking Colin Craig we have a red hot deal for you.

Due to our special relationship with our supplier we can offer you a blistering red hot ham special right now, while stocks last.

Here’s the details, but you will need to be quick, there are limited supplies.

Whale Meat Frozen Hams have been taste tested and approved by Oilers around the country and the positive comments are too many to mention.??

Once only pricing for frozen hams? – Get in quick or miss out.

1. Half leg – Frozen Cooked on?the bone ham – for just $39.75

2. Full size leg – Frozen Cooked on the bone ham? – for only $85.90


  • Whale Meat frozen hams were used in all the taste testing!
  • Whale Meat frozen Hams must be used within 28 days of thawing
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are cured with a water-based cure mix.
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are not over watered as you can tell from the many positive comments about the bacon.
  • After curing Whale Meat Company hams are?naturally smoked?in our ovens with our Kanuka and Manuka mix.
  • Whale Meat Company hams and bacon are?gluten-free.
  • Half hams are approx 4.5kg
  • Whole hams are approx 9kg

This price cannot be beaten either on price or on quality.