About those billion trees…

Photoshopped image credit: Boondecker

Remember how Shane Jones wanted to create jobs in the north to get his nephews off the couch? It seems that nobody mentioned it to the nephews. This from?Kiwiblog?quote.

Jones had also made much of the benefits of the tree planting programme in terms of jobs.

He had his ?ne?er do well nephews? lazing about on the sofa in Northland who would be put to work.

He wanted to go so far as something akin to a planting for the dole programme ? something Labour baulked at.

Yet it seems those nephews were in short supply when Ngati Hine came knocking.

The officials? paper observed there would not have been the labour required for planting the??even had the land been cleared. end quote.

Which it wasn’t, of course. It seems the nephews could not even get off the couch to spray the gorse. quote.

So?Jones had to admit they would have looked at bringing in overseas labour ? likely under the Pacific Island seasonal labour scheme to plant the trees?rather than Jones? much talked about layabout nephews. end quote.

You have got to be kidding me…

So, for Shane Jones’s much-heralded tree planting policy, which was aimed specifically at creating jobs in the regions, particularly the Far North, where unemployment is high, we are going to have to bring in overseas workers?

Does that mean that everyone in the Far North has a job now?

Nope.?Infometrics?show the most recent unemployment rate for the Far North is 7.5%… with the national average being around 4%.

So there are still plenty of nephews on couches in the Far North but even so, we are going to bring in foreign workers to plant the trees.

Workers who will need to be housed when there are no houses. Workers who will need to send their children to schools where there are not enough teachers.

All the while, the nephews remain on the couch, collecting the dole and being the burden on society?that they have always been.

Good work, Minister Jones. Your nephews are no doubt proud of you. The rest of the country, however, is aghast at the stupidity of it all.