An expert in apologism

Caption: Yep. There’s someone I’d be taking counter-terrorism advice from.

George Orwell once wrote that ?one has to belong to the ?intelligentsia? to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool?. He might have added that one has to be an ?expert?. Many people are naturally thick-headed and duplicitous, but some ?experts? seem to have really worked hard at it.

Anne Aly is touted (by herself, most often) as a ?counter-terrorism expert?, despite the fact that her academic background is in English Literature and Acting, and Education. But, by some mysterious process, she has parlayed that into alleged counter-terrorism expertise. Perhaps merely being Muslim confers a certain working knowledge of terrorism? But, given that Anne managed to hang around campuses long enough to glom a PhD, you?d think she?d have learned a thing or two about constructing a sound, logical argument.

Perhaps they just don?t teach that stuff at unis any more. Quote:

Following last week?s terrorist attack in Melbourne?Prime Minister Scott Morrison said something most of our politicians and commentators are too gutless to say?If anything, he was diplomatic.

?I think the Prime Minister needs to do a little bit of Terrorism 101 before he starts talking in short phrases and catch phrases and know what he?s talking about before he starts dividing communities and pointing fingers at radical Islam,? said a smug Dr Anne Aly, Federal Labor MP, Egyptian-born Muslim and former counter-terrorism academic. ?The biggest victims of violence in Australia aren?t victims of violent terrorism: they are victims of domestic violence.? End of quote.

That?s not even true: of all the murder and manslaughter victims in Australia, 70% are men. Men are the biggest victims of violence in Australia but don?t rely on Jihad Annie to tell you that inconvenient truth. Quote:

It raises the question of which religion, if not radical Islam, is fostering terrorism. The Mormons or Hare Krishna perhaps? And to evaluate the consequences of terrorism solely on the number of deaths caused is chronically myopic. For example, assume in the month after the outbreak of World War II no Australian had yet been killed in action, yet five were murdered in domestic incidents. Based on these numbers, Aly?s reasoning would dictate that countering domestic violence took priority over fighting the war. End of quote.

When I studied critical thinking as an undergraduate, we were taught how to avoid fallacious arguments, such as ?straw-man? (exaggerating, misrepresenting, or just completely fabricating someone’s argument). Anne must have skipped that class. Quote:

?I do take issue with calling out that behaviour by wholly and solely blaming an entire community and putting the responsibility of terrorism on an entire community,? she said. End of quote.

The PM never did this.

One of the more uncomfortable issues for Muslims in the West are the practices of taqiyya and kitman ? religiously mandated deception. These practices are detailed in the sharia. Quote:

In 2014, then an academic, she described sharia law as ?guidelines for life?. Commenting in 2015 on impressionable young Muslim men lured into fighting jihad, she clumsily said ?I think we have to get our heads round the fact that there might be something nice about ISIS that these people are attracted to.? That same year she claimed the government?s response to countering violent extremism had ?disproportionately focused on the Australian Muslim communities?.

In 2015?[Aly wrote,] ?I am deeply disappointed that my elected leader [Tony Abbott]?considers my work not only insignificant, but even worse, insincere,? she wrote. There is that straw man again. As Gerard Henderson of Media Watch Dog observed, it was the Abbott Government that funded Aly?s centre. End of quote.

One must wonder which aspects of sharia she takes guidance from. Misdirection seems to be Aly?s stock-in-trade. Like many apologists, she likes to try and beat up right-wing bogey-men, even as the victims of Islamic terrorists pile higher. Quote:

?Violent extremism isn?t just a Muslim problem in Australia,? she said. ?The numbers are staggering and growing in right-wing extremism??

This is where Aly?s enormous double standard becomes obvious. On one hand she demands our leaders condemn anti-Islamic movements, yet when two prime ministers do the same against radical Islam and appeal for the co-operation of Muslim leaders, she accuses them of being divisive. End of quote.

?The numbers? also prove her wrong. Hundreds of jihadis flocked to Islamic State from Australia, making Australian Muslims the largest per-capita source of foreign fighters for the brutal extremists. In the past decade, Australia has endured nearly 30 Islamic terrorist attacks and foiled attacks.

In that time, just one right-wing extremist has been arrested for allegedly plotting an attack.

As a supposed ?expert?, Anne Aly must know this. Either her expertise is seriously lacking, or something much more sinister is going on. Quote:

Considering all these examples, you wonder whether she is more apologist than academic. End of quote.