Another celebrity predicts Armageddon

US midterm election 2018

Here we go again.

The US midterms are upon us, the Republicans look to be doing well, and another wealthy celebrity is trying to tell everyone how to vote. James Cromwell, who played the farmer in Babe, and made a reasonable effort of portraying Prince Phillip in The Queen (although he was totally overshadowed by Helen Mirren) has decided he is a political expert now.

Excuse me for pointing this out, but James Cromwell isn’t even American. So he is telling people from ANOTHER COUNTRY how to vote.

The Express UK ?reports: quote.

THE US could experience ?violent? revolution if the Democrats lose the upcoming midterm elections according to Hollywood character actor James Cromwell, who warns of ?blood on the streets? and America turning to ?pure fascism?. end quote.

Blood on the streets because people might vote Republican? I seem to remember a lot of celebrities claiming this would happen in 2016 if Trump was elected. There has been no more ‘blood on the streets’ than normal, although the advent of the pussy hat has been something wondrous. quote.

He argued: ?Something is coming up which is desperately important to this country and this planet, and that is an election, in which hopefully in some measure we are going to take back our democracy.

?We will cut through the corruption and we won?t have to do what comes next, which is either a non-violent revolution or a violent one.?

Later Mr Cromwell was challenged on social media platform Twitter over whether he supports violent revolution.

He replied: ?I do not. I believe in peaceful resistance.? end quote.

Blood on the streets sounds very peaceful. It is all just theatre though. A great bit of dramatic prose. Drama is what he knows best.? In fact, it is all he knows.quote.

Mr Cromwell also used his interview with Variety to warn about the risk of fascism to America.

He controversially asserted: ?This is nascent fascism.

?We always had a turnkey, totalitarian state. All we needed was an excuse and all the institutions were in place to turn this into pure fascism.? end quote.

This guy is a total moron. He is old enough to have some idea of real fascism; not for himself, but his parents’ generation will have lived through World War 2. I generally forgive younger celebrities a little bit by acknowledging that the last time fascism reared its very ugly head would seem like a period in ancient history to them. James Cromwell has no such excuse.

He’s nothing more than another activist though and because he is famous (well, kind of) he thinks that makes him important. It doesn’t.? quote.

In addition to his acting work Mr Cromwell is well known for his political activism.

He has previously been arrested for taking part in peaceful protests at SeaWorld and a New York gas plant.

He served three days in jail for the latter offence after refusing to pay a fine. end quote.

Oh God. Another wealthy do-gooder who doesn’t understand the first thing about energy security. The world is full of them.

Trump has done an enormous amount for ordinary Americans, and ironically, he has improved the lives of blacks and Hispanics more than any other president in decades.? He is closing borders, forcing proper immigration procedures to be followed, and has brought the nuclear threat on the Korean peninsular almost to an end. His record so far has been amazing, and if he were a Democrat, he would be hailed as the greatest president ever. But he is Trump, and therefore nothing he does will ever be recognised by media or celebrities alike. Ordinary people are benefiting from the Trump era, and they vote in numbers greater than ever before. That is the power of democracy. All power to Trump.

Let’s watch the Democrats try to destroy democracy now once and for all, saying that the people do not know what is good for them. The irony of the Democrats doing that would be plain for all to see.