Another ‘Look at moi’ backbencher nobbles Morrison’s chances

Since he was deposed as prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull has amply demonstrated that his primary motivation has only ever been about stroking his colossal ego. Unsurprisingly, his friends and supporters are no different. Quote:

The Morrison government has lost another seat in federal parliament with Victorian Liberal MP Julia Banks announcing she will immediately move to the crossbench as an independent.

Ms Banks, the member for Chisholm, announced she will sit as an independent for the rest of the parliamentary term, plunging Scott Morrison further into minority government.

However Ms Banks said she would give the government support on key issues of confidence and supply. End of quote.

Look at moi, look at moi!

The Victorian Liberals have already queered Morrison?s pitch badly enough with their mind-bogglingly inept campaign during that state?s election. It seems even the party?s Federal branch is determined to prove premier Daniel Andrews? boast that it is ?the most progressive state in Australia?.

Banks also joined Julie ?The Knife? Bishop in smashing her own party for weeks with completely unsubstantiated claims of ?bullying?.

Self-awareness also doesn?t seem to be her strong point. Quote:

Saying her colleagues were driven by their individual self-promotion rather than the Australian public.

?My sensible centrist values, belief in economic responsibility and focus on always putting the people first and acting in the nation?s interest has not changed,?? she said. End of quote.

She certainly has tickets on herself.

You can also tell a lot about someone by the company they keep. Quote:

Ms Banks was hugged by fellow independents including Cathy McGowan, Rebekha Sharkie and Kerryn Phelps after making her announcement. There was also applause as she concluded her speech, which was watched by Turnbull ally Craig Laundy. End of quote.

A coterie of the soft-left Greens-lites, ideologically allied to the same watermelon agenda as Turnbull. Quote:

The Morrison government now holds just 73 votes on the floor of the House of Representatives, with Speaker Tony Smith making 74 MPs.

Labor has 69 MPs while the crossbench will be made up of 7 independents.

With the new makeup of the House of Representatives, Labor can reach an absolute majority of 76 votes if it gains the support of all seven crossbench MPs.

An absolute majority is a magic number in the lower house and would enable Labor to bring on an immediate debate and vote on its own legislation or other motions ? such as a no confidence motion. End of quote.

Self-awareness, not to say breathtaking hypocrisy, is not in short supply on the Opposition benches, either. Quote:

Labor?s Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen said??Why is Turnbull no longer PM? Why is this man here? There?s only one way to end the chaos; a Shorten, Labor government,?? Mr Bowen said. End of quote.

Bowen is apparently hoping Australians have forgotten the chaos of just five years ago when Labor first installed a revolving door in the prime minister?s office. Or, indeed, that Anthony Albanese was widely reported to be on the verge of challenging Shorten just six months ago.

Self-serving egomaniacs clamouring for attention and stabbing their colleagues in the back, while posing on their wobbly pedestals of self-appointed moral superiority.

Just another week in politics.