Auckland Pride jumps the shark and ‘bans’ Police uniform at Pride Parade

I bet the Police are glad they went to so much trouble and expense to be ‘inclusive’ and have a gay Police car because it seems ‘inclusiveness’ is a one way street for the Auckland Pride organisers.? This from Stuff: ? Quote:

Police will not be taking part in?Auckland’s Pride Parade?in February?? because they say they have been banned from wearing their uniforms.? Instead, the Pride Festival board told?officers they must wear T-shirts instead of their uniforms, says Inspector Tracy Phillips. [?]? End of quote.

Umm… excuse me?? Quote:

[?] A spokesperson for the Auckland Pride Board said there was?“goodwill?towards?the NZ Police” but that they did not “currently meet the degree of safety and awareness of intersectionality required?by our rainbow communities“.? End of quote.

This is beyond a joke.? Auckland Pride has truly jumped the shark on this?and lost any goodwill that may have been fostered to date.? On the one hand, they demand inclusiveness, while on the other they?dictate?that the police be excluded, because ? well because ?. police don’t meet their arbitrary standards.

I bet when they dial 111 and ask for the Police, they won’t be complaining too loud when the officers turn up in uniform and put their lives on the line to protect them.? Quote:

According to Phillips, the NZ Police had reached out to the board to find out what the force could improve on. ?”We had said to the organisers, come to us and tell us what we can do better – but no one’s come back to us.”? End of quote.

Well, I wouldn’t be wringing my hands in despair about that. In fact, I hope the Police round up as many officers as they can, in uniform, and attend the parade anyway, just to make a point.