Australia Day: The whingers are at it again

Australia Day brings Australians together, whatever their origins. Except for leftists and professional activists.

Once upon a time, a local council?s main business was collecting the rubbish, fixing potholes, helping local businesses, and maintaining the local footy ground. Nowadays, councils are just another front on the Long March through the institutions, as aspiring leftist politicians in particular use councils to flog their particular hobby-horses.

One of the favourite targets in Australia for these busybody councillors intent on blowing their own political trumpets is Australia Day. Naturally, professional grievance-mongering ‘activists’ join the circle-jerking chorus. No matter that most Australians don?t consider Australia Day ?offensive to Indigenous Australians?. Quote:

Fireworks and entertainment could be removed from Australia Day celebrations to make the event more respectful to Aboriginal people.

A local government proposal has been put forward in Sydney to consult the community about ‘changing the nature’ of Australia Day celebrations. End of quote.

So if they can?t change the date, these lefty Jeremiahs are at least determined to see that no one actually gets to enjoy it.

It will also comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone that this is coming from a ghostly pale Labor politician.

Stand by for some weapons-grade virtue signalling. Quote:

Inner West mayor Darcy Byrne put forward the idea to change January 26 celebrations into a day more about commemoration and shift the ‘community festival’ aspect to a different day.

‘For First Nations peoples, January 26 represents the beginning of invasion, dispossession, disease, stolen children and the deliberate elimination of language and culture,’ Cr Byrne said.

The mayor said he wanted to be respectful to Aboriginal people and ‘reflect it’s a day of sadness for them.’ End of quote.

It also marks the beginning of first-world lifestyles (despite the media focus on ?remote communities?, the majority of Aboriginal Australians live in cities; particularly Sydney and Melbourne) and the emancipation (mostly) of women and children from a brutally patriarchal culture. Not to mention unconditional welfare. Quote:

Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council CEO Nathan Moran said that a separate day to acknowledge the date of federation, the sorry day speech, or the start of reconciliation week would be more appropriate.

‘We find this development of nationalism or patriotism is bizarre at best and alarming at worst of how Australia in such a short time has somehow turned it around to make this day a national day of celebration or significance when in early 90s not even all states had a public holiday for it,’ Mr Moran. End of quote.

In other words, put your hairshirt on, whitey, and keep apologising.

The claim about the Australia Day holiday is also blatantly untrue: the holiday was first declared in NSW in 1818, just a year after the name ?Australia? was adopted. The other states adopted the date in 1888, and every capital except Adelaide made it a holiday. By 1935, all states and territories had agreed to making it a long weekend holiday on the nearest weekend to 26 January. It was in the 1990’s that the decision was made to celebrate it on 26 January no matter what the day.

The brutal fact is that nearly every indigenous population on earth has been colonised, displaced and dispossessed over five thousand years or so of human civilisation. Even before that, tribal societies relentlessly waged war on one another for territory and resources. Even the Aborigines.

Several groups of my own ancestors were violently driven off their ancestral lands, some of them at almost exactly the same time the British arrived in Australia. We got over it. These professional whiners should, too.

Here?s a suggestion: Australia spends about fifty thousand dollars on every Aboriginal Australian, more than twice what it spends on non-Aboriginals. Cut that funding, and see how quickly the tune about Australia Day ends.