Back off Mitch, the police got it right.

Mark Mitchell has a go at our hard-working boys and girls in blue simply for exercising a bit of compassion and common sense: quote.

Quote:National’s accused the Government of being soft on crime, after 84 people caught importing drugs got off with warnings.End of quote.

The current government and previous have, for better or worse, taken the approach of being soft on drug users but hard on dealers.

It?s not perfect. There?s no distinction between responsible use and irresponsible use and, personally, I think we?re way too soft on users who use irresponsibly.

The other spanner in the works is that most dealers are addicts. The illegal drug market works like a warped pyramid scheme. Addicts get money for their fix by recruiting new users and so on. That?s the illegal drug market for you.

At least the government had taken an approach that?s more harm reduction than punitive. Quote.

Quote:Police carried out raids as part of an operation targeting people buying Class A and B drugs on the dark web, and shipping them in from overseas.End of quote.

Given the very heavy penalties for dealing it’s a safe bet that none of those 84 people was a dealer. quote.

Quote:National’s Mark Mitchell says the Police Minister has questions to answer.

He claims Stuart Nash and the Government is sending signals to police, about how they should operate and apply drug policy.End of quote.

So what is his point? If Mitch was in charge he?d be doing the same thing. Quote.

Quote:Mitchell says anyone who brought in more than a personal amount, should be criminally charged.End of quote.

Well Mitch you?ve just shot yourself in the foot as we’re not talking junior Tony Montanas here. Quote.

Quote:“They’ve taken a very soft approach on people that are actually importing Class A drugs, serious drugs that can do a lot of harm, and they are going around giving a warning. To me, it’s just not acceptable.”End of quote.

If Mark had done his homework, he’d know the most popular drug bought off the web is MDMA aka Ecstasy with LSD a close second. Yep, nerds love their E. As for the acid, microdosing LSD is popular in tech circles, apparently.

Usually, I?d be against the police using discretion because of the risks of it being applied unevenly etc. but, when the law is so out of date that it?s not funny, I 100% support the cops applying discretion.

You could say it isn?t up to the cops; that it?s up to the courts, and the police should just stick to enforcing the law.

Judges are the smartest of the smart and a lot smarter than politicians like Mark Mitchell. Now imagine a 19-year-old kid caught trying to score a bit of E off the web for personal use . Any sensible judge would give the kid a stern lecture and a bit of a warning and send him on his way. Now imagine the media outcry especially if the kid happens to be from a rich family: Millionaire son gets slap on wrist after importing drugs.

The danger with buying drugs online is the existence of fake pharma sites and that, when you buy?from those sites, you never know what you?re getting. This can often lead to tragic results: Quote.

Quote:According to statements made by prosecutors at his detention hearing yesterday, C.A.S. was found dead in his mother?s home on the morning of June 30, 2018.?Evidence obtained from C.A.S.?s cellular phone and a parking lot surveillance camera indicate he met Lucas to purchase prescription oxycodone pills around 11:20 p.m. the night before his mother found his body. Law enforcement officials recovered counterfeit oxycodone pills that contained fentanyl from C.A.S.?s residence, and the medical examiner has since identified fentanyl intoxication as the cause of death.

[…]?Unless you buy your prescription pills from a legitimate pharmacy, it?s very likely you?ll get fake prescription pills laced with deadly fentanyl,? said DEA Special Agent in Charge Karen Flowers.? ?Individuals seeking to make an easy buck are putting fentanyl into fake pills and passing them off as legitimate prescription medications. DEA and our law enforcement partners will continue to target and relentlessly pursue the individuals who are selling fake prescription pills laced with deadly fentanyl to citizens in our community.?End of quote.

In other words by taking a harm reduction approach, the police could have just saved someone?s son’s or daughter?s life.