Biff and Big Red go tag-team

Phillip Adams is a pontificating old commo, but he still sometimes says something worth paying attention to. Years back, he praised unlikely bedfellows Paul Keating and Tony Abbott, saying that politics needs the occasional ?maddie? to come along and shake things up. Mark Latham is a maddie, and a damn good one.

In his brief tenure as Labor leader, Latham attempted to reform the party?s socialist policies, and successfully moved to curtail some of politicians? lavish retirement benefits (at cost to himself). After leaving the party, he savaged Labor, and Australian political culture in general, which ?takes committed people … and turns them into one-dimensional robots … The only good news is that the public is on to them?.

Since leaving politics, the increasingly red-pilled Latham has been an excoriating critic of politics and public figures, but most especially Muslim immigration and the failures of Multiculturalism. Now, he?s trying to put that into action by getting back into politics again, standing for Pauline Hanson?s One Nation party in NSW. Quote:

Muslim-only swimming pools and university safe spaces could all be banned in Sydney next year.

Former Labor leader Mark Latham stands a strong chance of being elected to the New South Wales Parliament in March 2019 as a One Nation candidate. End of quote.

Gender discrimination is one of the most heinous sins of the Great White Patriarchy, in leftist dogma; yet, gender discrimination in Islam is just dandy, apparently. The left which once fought to abolish segregation, now wants to bring it back. Quote:

Mr Latham, who is running for the upper house with the right-wing party, has released 10 key policies to overhaul state anti-discrimination laws.

He has proposed ‘creating a new criminal offence’ for segregating people on the basis of race, gender, sexuality or religion in public spaces?One Nation’s election policy has been released 18 months after Cumberland Council, in Sydney’s west, introduced women’s only sessions to cater for Muslims?

The One Nation policy document has accused the council of pandering to ultra-conservative Muslim values that were ‘inconsistent with the values of Western civilisation’. End of quote.

Snowflake students are also in Biff?s sights. Quote:

Mr Latham, a former western Sydney-based federal MP, who has campaigned against identity politics since leaving Parliament in 2005, has also taken aim at hard-left university students by proposing to ban ‘safe spaces’?[and] ban people from expressing views deemed to be ‘triggering’.

This includes the University of Sydney’s Queer Action Collective, which last year passed a motion backing ‘safe spaces’?Releasing the One Nation policy document, Mr Latham said this kind of practice needed to be stamped out.

‘We must bring people together, with the toughest possible laws against identity-based public segregation,’ he said in the policy manifesto.

?To be elected to the NSW Legislative Council as a One Nation candidate, Mr Latham would only need to achieve a 4.22 per cent quota, after preferences, to serve an eight-year term. End of quote.

Federal politics in Australia already has a few ?maddies? shaking things up. Like her or not, Pauline Hanson?s burqa stunt laid bare the hypocrisy of the elite who sneer at ordinary Australians? discomfort with visible Islamic extremism, yet freak out when confronted with it in their own workplace. A seasoned troublemaker like Latho is just what NSW needs, too.