Blue wave? Red wave? No wave?

The more I read about the US and its politics, the happier I am to live in New Zealand. Even with the Coalition of Losers ruining our beautiful country.? This from Uncloa via the thetollonline

Regarding the upcoming election on Tuesday November 6, 2018, there can only be one of three possible outcomes:

1.) Blue Wave

2.) Red Wave

3.) No Wave

The third result would, of course, be manifested as dramatic wins and losses for both Republicans and Democrats with either party coming out slightly ahead overall.

But given the perceived high stakes of this particular election as a referendum on President Donald Trump, the winners will be determined by those voters who fear the most. Certainly, there is much anger in this election, and that?s what happens: When people become scared, they get angry.

Trump supporters fear losing their nation to globalism, open borders, offshoring, and politically correct fascism; which is just another name for Cultural Marxism. Liberal Democrats on the other hand, don?t fear for America, per se, but rather their collective existence which requires everything mentioned heretofore that Trump supporters will vote against.

In other words, on Tuesday, some Americans will be voting for national sovereignty and to uphold the U.S. Constitution, whereas others will vote for a new world order, globalist orthodoxies, and economic redistribution by means of a powerful centralized government.

Regardless of who wins, however, there remains the possibility that the allegorical train has already left the proverbial station. Or stated another way, it may be America is already gone.

Consider the fact that [some] U.S. corporations are now fascist. […]

In a free nation, when corporations like Nike go full Kaepernick, we don?t have to buy their shoes. And since Google really IS evil, we can just use another search engine. Even better, in a free country, entrepreneurs can start up competitive companies and let the free-market sort it all out, right?


The online platform Gab was an alternative to Twitter and now it?s gone. The excuse? A psycho shooting up a synagogue in Pittsburgh ? although those who politicized that event obviously cared more for negating American?s First and Second Amendment rights than for those murdered. Gab says they?ll be back soon. We?ll see. In any case, in a free nation, their viability should never have been questioned, let alone challenged, over unrelated circumstances.

During Brett Kavanuagh?s Supreme Court nomination process, the Democrats also completely bared their collective asses and looked like rats and fools to common sense Americans. When polls began to show an energized Republican base about to neutralize any hope for a Blue Wave, the Orwellian Media quickly switched channels to show the slow-motion Latin American invasion. When that backfired as well, what happened next? Shock and awe anarchy committed by a Cuban-Caucasian Native American Deplorable and an Anti-semitic Caucasian Never Trumper.

Do you believe in coincidences?

Next, the Orwellian Media reported the mail-bomber, and synagogue shooter, as exemplifying the decline of America under Trump?s incendiary rhetoric and divisive politics.

In response, Trump doubled down on the Orwellian Media as the ?enemy of the people?:

The science-fiction author, Philip K. Dick, once said: “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn?t go away.”

[…] At the same time, CNN was calling the bomb recipients ?Trump Targets? as the Orwellian Media breathlessly reported on how the incident had curtailed Republican enthusiasm in the midterms. Also that the mail bomb story had successfully diverted attention from the Kavanaugh fiasco and the Honduran Caravan coverage; both of which we?re perceived as galvanizing Republicans. […]

Call this blogger a paranoid tin-foil-hatter, but the whole Cesar Sayok Deplorable Mail-Bomber movie of the week seemed reminiscent of the Kavanaugh debacle. It was a classic in-your-face operation that screamed:

?Look what we can do whenever we want?.

At the same time, the failed bomb plot was perfect fodder to play as propaganda to the loony left who bought it all like they do Chinese junk on Black Friday. […]

Regardless, on any other week, NBC burying information that would have discredited Brett Kavanaugh?s accusers, and attorney Michael Avenatti being referred to the Department of Justice for investigation ? would have been YUGE stories. But that?s exactly how the Orwellian Media works. They emphasize various propagandic narratives while simultaneously tossing any contravening reporting right down the memory hole.

It is nothing less than the electronic programming of the masses. Combine this with the censorship and memory-holed jettisoning of truth-tellers from online platforms, along with Google?s biased search engine reporting ? and if there is a Blue Wave in a few days, these will be the reasons. […]

We are now in the soap box phase. On Tuesday comes the ballot box phase. Then, regardless of outcome, we will very possibly enter into the bullet box phase. Of course, that?s why the Orwellian Media requires endless news stories starring explosive projectile dispensers: To generate the necessary urgency to corner any criminals quickly followed by their immediate electronic prosecution, judgment, and sentencing.

The Democrats are afraid of guns, so they only want a powerful centralized state to have them. They also fear not being able to abort their babies, the weather (i.e. Climate Change), and transgenders losing their Obama-ordained bathroom privileges with your wives and daughters.

The Republicans fear the insanity of Democrats, the New World Order, and outcomes far more sinister than even Orwell imagined. […] end quote.