Bring a pervert to school day

Caption: If you think this is inappropriate for children, you’re just a big ol’ bigoty bigot.

The surging paedophile wing of the contemporary left are determined to get their hooks into the nation?s kiddies, by whatever means necessary. From the state-sanctioned grooming of deceitfully-named ?anti-bullying programs? to oleaginous swooning over transgender tots, it seems there is no tactic so sleazy and underhanded that these ideological rockspiders won?t try it on.

Their latest horrifying ploy is ?drag queen story hour?.

Why settle for Peppa Pig, when your kids can be subjected to Pete the Pervert? Quote:

Maylands [Perth] bookstore Rabble Books and Games has invited two Perth drag performers Donna Kebab and Perri Oxide to read queer-themed books to ?young kids?.

The social media accounts of the two men are littered with erotic female costumes, which can only be intended to sexually excite their audience.

The bookstore claims ?this event is for everyone, but especially young kids.? End of quote.

Decades ago, my sister presciently cottoned onto the anti-women slant of the transgender movement when she noted that drag queens almost invariably dressed as gross caricatures of women. Blackface for queers, basically. More recently, Gavin McInnes has likewise commented that are drag queens unfailingly are hideously slutty parodies of actual women.

Just the thing for pre-schoolers. Quote:

One of the gay men dressed in drag, Perri Oxide, posts sexualised XXX-themed content to social media, with ?sexxx? as the comment.

Perri Oxide?s official management say of him: ?Just like in the bedroom, Perri is a Versatile performer?she perfect for any audience? Above 18.? End of quote.

In other words, his shtick is entirely sexualised. Quote:

Concerned parents have protested against this event on the store?s Facebook page, but all opposing comments were deleted by the bookstore before they were sighted by Caldron Pool. End of quote.

When the Girl Guides decided to let boys in dresses sleep and shower with little girls, they tried to keep this fact from parents. The most sinister material of programs like ?Safe Schools? is also kept away from parents? notice. The creeping slime of this child-sexualising ideology (the store sells a ?GayBC? book clearly aimed at toddlers) constantly try to hide what they?re doing from parents. Which, come to think of it, is just what paedophiles do. Quote:

The store is now doing an investigation into the performers needing a government-issued Working with Children check, which suggests the store did not think of asking for them previously, and questions about the WWC cards were warranted. End of quote.

This is incredible. When I had a cleaning business, years ago, I had to undergo a WWC check if I was going to be working around kids. When my son had to go to school offices to service photocopiers, he had to have a WWC. The fact that a business promoting tranny porn performers to children seems to avoid being subject to routine child safety scrutiny is alarming.

But, as always, when legitimate objections are raised, the Queer ideologues swing into attack mode. Just shout ?bigot?, and avoid inconvenient questions. Quote:

Concerned parents have protested against this event on the store?s Facebook page, but all opposing comments were deleted by the bookstore before they were sighted by Caldron Pool. The bookstore gave the following explanation:

?Hi everyone! Just FYI, we have been getting some pretty gross bigoted comments on these pages in relation to this event. I have deleted a question about Working with Children checks?The store claims that only bigots oppose promoting erotic drag performances and gender fluidity to children. They assert opposing this is a phobia or irrational fear. We wonder if adults are in charge of this bookstore?

A bigot is defined as a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions. The person deleting alternative views is the bigot exercising clear intolerance.

Potential customers of Rabble Books and Games should be warned about their values, which including promoting homosexuality to young children by drag performers whose day job is performing sexual content to adult audiences. End of quote.

This is not to say that people whose day job involves sexual material can?t do anything else ? but when it comes to children, clear lines must be drawn. Sesame Street has routinely denied guest spots to celebrities whose work they deem inappropriate, including Katy Perry and Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They have been criticised as prudish, but they made the right judgement on a sensitive issue.

Otherwise, what’s next? Play School with Ron Jeremy?