Cindy forgot about global climate change (don?t tell the Greens)

ACT leader David Seymour said Cindy was so hasty to shell out millions for Papua New Guinea?s electricity rollout that she forgot her commitment to fighting global climate change. Quote.

The Prime Minister today announced taxpayer funding for Papua New Guinea?s National Electrification Rollout Plan, which aims to increase electricity access to 70 per cent of households by 2030

PNG is overwhelmingly reliant on oil, gas and coal for its energy needs. Its government is actively ramping up coal exploration and an Australian company was given the green light to extract coal earlier this year.

?While her Government has banned offshore exploration of oil and gas domestically, today Jacinda Ardern committed to hooking more Papua New Guineans up to fossil fuels.? End of quote.

We can only hope Cindy?s amnesia lasts long enough for our oil and gas and mineral exploration to recover from her recent vicious body blow to them. ?If it?s good enough to spend taxpayer funds on fossil fuels in a foreign country, it’s good enough for Cindy to revisit her stance back home.??Quote.

New Zealand Now

The PM claims that climate change is her generation?s ?nuclear-free moment?, but her policies are helping countries like Indonesia and Papua New Guinea develop their fossil fuels.

Genesis Energy recently ordered 120,000 tonnes of Indonesian coal, and now the Government is actively promoting the development of fossil fuels in Papua New Guinea.

Does the Government simply have no coherent vision, or is it trying to have it both ways?? End of quote.

Or is it simply a case of jet lag or baby brain that she doesn’t understand that banning oil and gas exploration here simply costs us more and shifts production overseas? Quote.

Just as the Prime Minister can?t work out whether she wants petrol prices to go up or down, she is deeply conflicted about whether cheap fossil fuels are necessary for economic growth and higher living standards

In helping to promote economic development in PNG, she is pretending that she hasn?t staked her reputation on fighting climate change.? End of quote.

Cindy is doing one thing in Papua New Guinea and the opposite back home; there?s a word for that?hypocrisy!