Clark scraps school of rural medicine

It is hard to get doctors to work in the regions. In some areas, patients now have to wait over 2 weeks just to see a GP. You might think that a rural posting would appeal to a lot of doctors because the way of life does tend to be more relaxed. However, it does not seem to work out that way.

In the light of this, Health minister David Clark has scrapped plans for a school of rural medicine. quote.

The Government has scrapped plans to establish a School of Rural Medicine.

The previous Government, before last year’s election, promised to create the school in a bid to attract more doctors to the regions.

But Health Minister David Clark this morning announced he had scrapped plans for the school.

National had received bids for the school, but that process would not now proceed, Clark said in a statement. end quote.

If the?National party thought of it, it must be bad.

So what are people in the regions, particularly the smaller towns, supposed to do? quote.

“No money had been allocated for the school, which would have cost up to a quarter of a billion dollars to set-up and operate,” he said.

“By itself, just training more undergraduate doctors is not the answer.

“We need a more comprehensive approach to attract, support and sustain the health professionals that care for rural people.” end quote.

This was a comprehensive approach. It was a plan to train doctors specifically to work in rural areas. quote.

The University of Waikato and the Waikato DHB put forward the idea to the Government and Otago and Auckland Medical Schools also had played a part in its proposal.

But Clark said his Government had other ideas on how to attract more doctors to the regions.

“It’s widely known and accepted that we face challenges attracting and retaining health professionals in some of our smaller communities.”

He said the Government needed to make the rural health workforce “more sustainable”. end quote.

Or perhaps there are generally less Labour voters in rural areas. Let them rot. Is that what this policy is doing? quote.

Clark also said the Government would also put greater investment into professional development for rural primary health care nurses and midwives and would extend rural inter-professional education programmes. end quote.

This will do absolutely nothing to reduce the waiting times in small towns just to see a GP. Sometimes you have to see a doctor. A nurse just won’t cut it.

This is the government that is bringing kindness back… but only so long as you vote Labour.