Clarke does Stand up

For reasons that nobody will ever understand, Clarke Gayford was a guest speaker at the Labour Party conference this weekend, acting as a ‘warm-up’ act for Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

These people simply have no idea what muppets they are, do they?

Stuff ?reports: quote.

About 1200 jubilant Labour Party supporters crowded into Dunedin Town Hall to hear?Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern address her first party conference as leader,?and there was a surprise guest speaker for the big day -?Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford.

Hundreds more supporters were turned away after queues?stretched down the street for?Ardern’s speech.

Gayford was the warm-up act before Ardern used her speech to?announce?600 extra teachers for children with learning problems.

Gayford?referred to the “jubilant, joyful and positively infectious” mood among conference delegates after Labour was?returned to power after nine years in the political wilderness. end quote.

Are these guys going to be celebrating their good luck forever? It is obvious that they never expected to be in government as here we are, a year later, and they still cannot get over it.

Having said all that, however, there really is something sinister about all of this.

Clarke Gayford is not a politician. He is a fishing show host and general layabout. He has no particular skills that might interest delegates at a Labour party conference, and he is nothing more than the prime minister’s partner.

If Bronagh Key or Mary English had ever tried to have such a high profile as the spouse of the prime minister, the media would have been outraged and rightly so. The prime minister’s partner is only a public figure in that he or she accompanies the premier on official trips and, basically, is seen but not heard. That is it. If they are ever expected to speak at a function, inevitably, it will not be a political function. They would never be expected to speak at a political function because they have no experience, no knowledge and no insight into politics in any way.

Clarke is being treated as if he is a political figure, which he is not. We already know he attends cabinet meetings as Neve’s caregiver, which is, at the very best, a serious breach of security. If you think about the things that must be discussed at cabinet meetings, it is completely inappropriate for someone with no ministerial warrant to overhear what is going on. Even civil servants who may attend or have to report on such issues are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement. Clarke is bound by nothing. He is a completely loose cannon.

The image that comes to mind is of a couple of teenagers playing at being grownups. Jacinda can’t do anything without her boyfriend being alongside. They take the baby everywhere and play at being responsible adults but they are fooling no one. That is what I see here.

Running the country is not a joke. It is not a game. Clarke should be nowhere near parliament or dignitaries, except in a social capacity, when the prime minister’s partner needs to be wheeled out. Other than that, he should be invisible.

It also creates the idea that Jacinda is not capable of doing this on her own. Every time she wheels out Clarke, she looks weak. In a world where everyone is clamouring for women to be in roles of power, Jacinda is letting the side down because Jacinda can do nothing without the boyfriend being involved.

We often criticise the coalition for being woefully unprepared for government, and for being nothing more than a bunch of amateurs. When Clarke Gayford speaks at the Labour party conference, then you know this is true. Nobody in Labour seems to realise how amateurish and unprofessional this makes them look. It shows, yet again, that they have no clue what they are doing.

We want to hear about how this government is going to make life better for New Zealanders. That was their election promise. Nobody gives a toss about anything Clarke Gayford has to say.


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