Collins visits golliwog country & slams political correctness

Visiting Wanganui and Hawera this week Collins slammed the government for political correctness and its recent oil and gas exploration policy change.? She met with about 70 people at the Jane Winstone Retirement Village in Wanganui and then visited Hawera after being invited by local MP Harete Hipango.

Photo credit: Debbie Ngarewa-Packer/Facebook

Collins was a week too late to purchase a golliwog from the Hawera A&P show and missed the politically incorrect Hawera Lions Club float of black painted faces, but took the opportunity to slam the government for promulgating politically correctness. A newspaper reported. ?Quote.

I’m so sick of being told what we’re not allowed to think. And if you say something that questions the current Government then you’re called a denier. It’s like a heresy.

“They’re generally anti-religion but I reckon they’d be pretty good at the Inquisition.

“They’re right into it. If you don’t agree with what they say then you’re a bad person.” End of quote.

Collins was preaching to the converted because the Hawera Lions Club had been forced to issue a public apology after complaining that their critics were “too precious or PC” before they also deleted their Facebook page.

Where were the voices of the people who benefited from the Hawera Lions Club’s years of community work? Silenced by the prevailing winds of political correctness.

The Hawera Lions should have been applauded, so it was a good call for Collins to attack the government’s attitude that supported the Hawera Lions critics.? Collins also rejected the government stance on oil and gas.? Quote.

Many of the people in attendance agreed with Collins that the Government was wrong to pull out of gas and oil exploration in South Taranaki.

“We’ve got a prime minister at the moment who’s happy to destroy an entire industry, the oil and gas industry, overnight on the flick of a switch to get a headline.? End of quote.

Staunch words from Collins on both subjects, and music to the ears of South Taranaki residents where an estimated 7000 jobs, working directly or indirectly in the industry, will be lost.

Well done, Crusher, a breath of fresh air to the region, let’s hope they take heart that you are battling for them.