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Yesterday, in General Debate, SJ00 wrote: quote

Yesterday on Drive there was 3 new stories and I am not sure if anyone linked them together.

  1. November is due to be hotter on average and people need to remember to use sunscreen to protect themselves.
  2. A report on sunscreen by Consumer stated that a number of sunscreens tested didn?t met the SPF rating ie an SPF 30 was actually SPF 4. The natural type ones were the worst offenders. Recommendation was to be buying SPF 40+ basically.
  3. Finally a story on an island in the Pacific that has now BANNED people using sunscreen as now sunscreens are destroying the ocean, apparently.

The stories and messaging that are coming out now are just crazy. Follow the logic above, we need to use sunscreen, not all sunscreens are good enough and don?t use sunscreen because its now killing the planet.

And now supermarket bags. Again follow the stories

  1. Plastic bags are killing turtles so ban them.
  2. Supermarkets stop giving away plastic bags (ie save themselves money) but will happily sell you a plastic bag (ie make more money as they cost more)
  3. Reusable bags are now killing humans (or are more likely to).
  4. Another story yesterday about how sales of plastic rubbish bags at supermarkets are up x% and supermarkets are having trouble keeping up with stock.
  5. Plastic straws sales are down and paper straw sales are up
  6. We need to chop down more trees to make paper items when trees are needed to stop so called climate change.

This world is going crazy. What happened to common sense! end quote

Just a few observations, SJ00:

As I sit here huddling in front of the fire on a cold, wet afternoon, if November is going to be hotter than average, it needs to get on with it. Right at the moment, I don’t need sunscreen, I need a Sou’wester. Even the blackbirds have umbrellas. November started 4 days ago. Bring it on.

The oceans are vast, and I simply cannot believe that the amount of sunscreen worn by humans that ends up in the water can be doing any serious damage. But what will do serious damage is if humans stop using sunscreen, particularly children. Banning sunscreen is madness. It is dangerous.

Why is it that everything on the planet is more important than we are? Don’t humans matter at all?

As for plastic bags… well, you know my thoughts on this one. Plastic bad, everything else good… unless the supermarkets can make a profit on it, and then some types of plastic are good.? Reusable bags are killing humans… hey – I wrote that… but they do pose a hygiene risk, and not everyone will be fastidious about keeping them clean.

And yes. When I ask people what the alternative to plastic bags are, they always say paper. When I tell them that this means cutting down more trees which will increase, not reduce emissions, they look blank. Sometimes too many people just blindly follow what they are told, without ever thinking anything through. And that is the scariest thing of all.

Thanks for your contribution SJ00. I can see you read a lot of the articles on Whaleoil. Great to have you along for the ride.