Commenter of the week

Commenter of the week

Here at Whaleoil, we have a lot of talented people making comments on our posts all of the time.

So, every week, we shine a light on the person we think most deserves an accolade.

Please note this is not about just one comment. We are looking for more than that. We are looking for someone who regularly contributes constructively to our forum and to the messages we are trying to send.

This week, the Brexit agreement (or lack of it) rolls on, but Teresa May hangs on by her fingernails. It turns out that the immigration minister made the decision on Karel Sroubek’s residency in about 5 minutes without either legal advice or consultation with anyone from his department. It is so good to know we have such competent people running our country. Simon Bridges cannot even persuade his brother-in-law to stand by him, and the police are not allowed to take part in the Pride Festival wearing their uniforms. All the sponsors pulling out of this worthy event have got it wrong. The organisers don’t want the police in uniform… they want them buck naked instead, in all their pride and glory. What a spectacle that would be.

This week, our Commenter of the Week is…



Cedric is a long time supporter and follower of Whaleoil, and clearly shares the views that most of us agree with on this site.

From Backchat:

that is also a way to convey that she cares. It’s an awe moment that only helps to convince me she doesn’t.
Well I know she doesn’t care about us she wants to bring muslims here to live amongst us.
She is wiping Taranaki off the map.
She stopped all those kids getting a good education and life skills……
We all get the picture here.

I take it you are not all that fond of our prime minister, Cedric?

From: The Keystone Kaliphate is recruiting Kretins:

I’m not sure the UNHRC would agree with that immigration test especially withholding the chocolate.
It appears to be not only the terrorists who are dumb what about their islamic leaders who say the last Melbourne terrorist was just a guy with mental problems.
Yeah like we don’t recall he yelled that Alla Akbar thing during the attack or all the other attacks that happened or were in the planning or the 400 on the watch list or the others who left to fight with ISIS and the 50,000 plus who fought with ISIS.
Or maybe their islamic leaders preach to a dumb base because surely they would know that the vast number of Aussies believe they are traitors and should all be deported.

On Jones tries to give solace to Taranaki:

Yes and what happened to last weeks 300 tonne of coal bird killing wind mill with the batteries? I thought ” lost in the Woods ” said wind farms galore.

‘Lost in the Woods’. Brilliant.

From the same post:

The magician takes Taranaki away with one hand and it’s coming back better in the other hand, but not until after the election. Good things take time.
Seriously, we are not all stupid, ah so there lies their logic, not all are stupid but the ones who are will vote for them, again.

Lots of people will vote for them again, Cedric. That is the trouble.

From: Jacinda is preaching to the world:

Jacinda says, ” gobalisation has been positive for many “, can she tell me who?

All we are seeing from globalisation is terror, rape, death, military, bollards and massive financial burden.
She says either;
1. blame the muslim immigrants and become a protectionist and build walls
2. or have hope.
I would take the wall any day over hope that I don’t live in a bankrupt dangerous country.

She has also told us that capitalism has failed, and we know that is not true. Just think about those activists protesting capitalism sipping their Starbucks and recording the whole thing on their phones. Hypocrites.

From: New Zealand’s largesse in the Pacific:

Oz may get a Labour Gov’t next year. We can only watch this saturdays Victoria election and if Labour get in then I will be gob smacked.
The Labour Victoria Gov’t is under investigation for fraud as it appears they got paid for all these workers time sheets who didn’t work for them at all during the last election cycle.
Also they appear to have been talking with China about borrowing money without the knowledge of the Federal Gov’t.
They introduced into primary schools the gender fluid kiddy grooming thingy.
Gave 1.3mill away for a promised motorway to stop congestion.
I watched the debate and the Liberal guy didn’t mention the fraud or China.
If they get a federal Labour Gov’t we are all screwed.

Quite likely I think, Cedric. But don’t worry. Australia changes its prime minister more often than most of us change underwear. It will be an interesting ride as we go from one leftie buffoon to the next.

On Send them Allahu Ack the hell back:

an interesting question which I don’t know the answer to but we know from history when your country or religion is up against it people of similar interests join together to fight as the lines of truth become blurred.
To quote Bridgette Gabriel again and if you haven’t seen her youtube video of her answer to a muslim women activist I suggest you do; Gabriel referring to wars and mass killings that were not popular by the people of their country.
” not all Germans were murderers the vast majority were peaceful, not all Japanese were…not all Chinese were…not all Russians were…..”.
I think the story there is you don’t need 100% of the population on your side, that 20% in the heat could quite easily turn to 40% plus and then game over.

And fear keeps everyone else quiet….

From Creepy activists censor the facts about the damage from transgender ideology:

I saw the Victorian Labour and Liberal leaders debate on Sky Thursday night.
One of the questions from the audience was asking the Liberal leader would he stop their school anti bullying scheme which incorporates some sort of gender fluidity thingy.
The Liberal leader said he would change the whole system but would not really elaborate why. He was taunted by the Labour leader as to why he would change it if he can’t say what’s wrong with it.
It appeared to me the Liberal leader was too scared to blast a weird system into the open for fear of the cries from the lefties.
Yeah spineless pollies, one allowing weird stuff and the other not calling it out.

Trouble is, Labour supports the transgender ideology. And the Liberals don’t want to take a position and lose votes. I feel sure they would gain votes if they did take a position, but that is the trouble with so many politicians these days.

Thank you???disqus_kQkVA5vzth?Cedric for your inspired and thoughtful comments over the past week, and indeed over the past few years. We could not do what we do without the input from people like you.

And here is a little token of appreciation from the wonderful Technomage:



Keep those comments coming Cedric. Have a great week, everyone!