Compare your political views to Cam’s: Take the quiz

The Guardian has a quiz.

Here are Whaleoil editor Cam’s results.

Cam’s result

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Nige’s result.

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WH’s result

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What do you think of the results? Do you think that the quiz is accurate?

I was stunned to be told that my views have more in common with Anglea Merkel than President Trump. What some people don’t seem to realise is that Trump has some left-wing policies such as protectionism and is like Muldoon in many respects. He is not far-right either. He has some common ground with Socialist populists apart from the fact that he believes in a modified form of Capitalism?rather than Socialism in any form.

The results also do not label Cam the way the media and his enemies like to label him. He clearly is not far-right in his political views. How can they reconcile their demonised?version of him with a man who according to the Guardian quiz has more in common with ‘ Mother Merkel’ than Donald Trump?

Strangely missing from the quiz are any questions about immigration let alone mass Muslim immigration. Instead, the focus is on a few specific issues such as gay marriage and gay adoption as well as Free trade.