Consent withdrawn

The latest form of contraceptive is with us.? It?s called post coital retraction.? Sounds painful right ?? It may well be.? Men will be too terrified to have sex, ever.? Because the risk is huge, that the good time they had last night will wake up with regrets, and decide that she didn?t 100% mean it.? So that means she must have been raped.

I know this sounds too ludicrous to be true, but check out this series of tweets.


Person A:? I?ve had consensual sex and regretted it later.? I thought I wanted to do it.? Made a mistake.? Wasn?t rape at all.

Person B: no, if you regret it then you did not fully 100% consent and that is rape

Person C:? you may not want to admit you were raped because it?s very traumatic but you were raped.? End of quote.

I just love the absolution of any responsibility that is at play here.? If you regret it then you did not fully consent then that is rape?? You see, that just doesn?t stand up in the real world.? You buy a house, sign papers, hand over buckets of money.? You might regret it later, but there?s no way you can ?undo? the act.? You can’t say you didn’t really mean it.? You can’t say that you thought you wanted it, but then when you moved in it was too small.? Well, you can say those things but you won’t get much sympathy. Buyer beware, and all that and it certainly won’t un-buy the house.

As for Person C, if you say you weren’t raped, Person C decides you were, because ?. because …. rape is traumatic, so you wouldn’t want to admit to it, so then obviously you were raped? Thank goodness in the real world there is a much higher threshold of proof than this warped logic.

Do we need to undertake some kind of formal consent ritual?? Take a voice recording of both participants saying ‘yes’, date and time stamped, with independent witnesses.? Do we whip out an agreement for the would-be lover to sign? Do we have to click ‘agree’ on an app on your phone?? Sounds crazy I know, but there are already several phone apps available for exactly that purpose.? While I understand the intent, I’m doubtful that it would be sufficiently robust to protect against a rape claim.? Perhaps one of our lawyer readers could provide some feedback on that. I?m sure it could be claimed that the consent was given under duress, which would make it all meaningless anyway.

So how do men and women protect themselves against accusations of rape?? About the only way, that I can think of is good old fashioned abstinence.? I?m not sure that will be a crowd pleaser, but maybe that will be the safest option.