Could Ardern stop and think, just once?

Ardern took time to make a virtue-signalling speech at the “One Planet Summit” in New York.


  1. Does she believe in the concept of “one planet”?
  2. If so, does she consider that China is on the same “one planet” as New Zealand?
  3. If so, has she looked at the increase in China’s consumption of coal?
  4. If so, why does she think that anything we do in New Zealand (on the same, one planet) will make the slightest bit of difference?

This graph is from the China Energy Portal.

The year on year increase in thermal energy production in China was 238.3 TWh (that is just the increase!)? The graph says that “Thermal includes coal, gas, oil, and biomass” but, since coal is used to produce around 70% of China’s electricity, the amount from biomass is going to be a very, very small percentage.

What about little ol’ New Zealand?

Our total electricity production last year was 38.8 TWh of which 16% was thermal; coal and gas = 6 TWh.

That was our total thermal production, not the increase.

6 TWh total from evil, planet-destroying energy sources in NZ is just 2.5% of the increase in China. (Approximately 0.2% of China’s total thermal power production)

If we are all on one planet (and I think that’s is probably a given), then New Zealand calling 6 TWh of generation from coal and gas a danger to the planet which must be stopped at all costs whilst China increases its generation from the same evil fuel sources by 238.8 TWh is somewhat akin to farting in a hurricane.

China’s increase in evil thermal generation is 6 times more than the entire New Zealand generation from all sources; hydro, geothermal etc.

Utter stupidity!

Don’t get me started on India!

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