Cowardly communists misguidedly protest ‘death merchants’

I was a delegate at the New Zealand Defence Industry Association Forum in Palmerston North last week, or as the protestors kindly suggested on Twitter, the #NoWeaponsExpo. When I say protestors, we really should define who they are: a very diverse group of activists, solidly united under the banner of communism. They are there protesting against the ?death merchants? of the industry, with the most venom saved for Lockheed Martin.

Lockheed invest significantly in STEM fields and in support of science and space in the US; they kind of have to since Obama killed the space funding to NASA and the US fell way behind in academic performance among industrialised countries. That a corporate can improve educational outcomes is sadly lost on the protestors.

You don?t have to look too hard to get to the underlying foundation on which their vitriol is based. In between the numerous shout-outs to comrades, and anti-capitalist bile, are the usual anti-Semitic undertones, with scattered references to Palestine and dying children, and the undying support for the rainbow alphabet of oppressed minority groups and trans rights.

That the NZDIA Forum provides a catalyst for the usual suspects to get together is handy for them, but their messages are so mixed that they really don?t know what they stand for or who they hate the most. It was clear from sitting on the coach for a few hours, as they ran around like the entitled middle class (predominantly weak-chinned, beta male soy boys) chanting and impacting the lives of the residents trying to get to work or school drop-offs, that these people are heavily manipulated by a hardcore leadership with nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Just like a typical bully boy union president, Valerie Morse of Auckland Peace Action corralled, chaperoned, and directed her small army of easily influenced impressionable socialist champions. To engage in dialogue with them would be pointless as they don?t know why they are there, other than to shout ?baby killer? and ?capitalist scum?.

Most amusing were the antics of the delightful Ari (@AMKlown) and her gang of warriors. It struck me as I watched her prance around that she was enjoying herself immensely; there was no fear of attack, or of any consequences. She was so confident in our fair and equal society that she could literally walk up to the police front line and scream abuse with not a hint of fear; this is not bravery, it is cowardice. Bravery would be to actually educate herself and face the facts about the changes she is misguidedly fighting for.

So who are they? Well, Peace Action (and we have the trifecta of Auckland, Wellington and Manawatu), People Against Prisons Aotearoa, and new kid on the block, Organise Aotearoa: For Liberation and Socialism. This minority of confused souls are whipped into a frenzy by an event that is genuinely a conference for small New Zealand industry to engage with our defence colleagues to understand their needs and strategy for the years ahead.

The entire purpose is to provide a forum through which New Zealand industry can keep people employed making equipment, providing services and supporting the defence capability of our protective forces. I can?t recall seeing ACME Guided Missiles of Timaru, or Mustard Gas R Us of Masterton, but I did see manufacturers of ladders, companies that make software for simulations, and lots of very neat engineers.

Everyone from industry employs people, and everyone is sick of the antics of this small army of disgruntled anti-capitalists. New Zealand?s ability to lead the world in environmental protection, and through it our work in Antarctica, are only possible because we maintain a highly skilled, mobile, and well enabled expeditionary fighting force. Without the planes and ships, we would not be able to function, and our Pacific neighbours would be alone come hurricane season. Closer to home, the people of Kaikoura would still be struggling to deal with the challenges from the earthquake almost two years ago now.

The icing on the cake was Golriz The Great who turned up to join the chanting, and here?s the irony. Here is a group that are, by the simple definition of communism, demanding that government power be increased to rule every aspect of an individual?s life, and they are joined by a member of that democratic government. If their end game is the fall of capitalism and the subsequent rise of communism, they might be in for a shock if they win. The first thing that a dictatorial communist regime would do is suppress the individual right to freedom of speech. The very moment that this group become disenfranchised with their new overlords, and seek to march on Red Square Wellington, they?ll find themselves disappeared to the recently opened government run Salt Mines of Southland, and 50 years of hard labour. For many of them, it will be the first work they?ve done, but it does seem a rather dramatic way to get employment.

I can?t think of a simple solution to this issue. I support their right to protest, but when their goal is not to protest and raise awareness to their cause, but to disrupt and terrorise, they should be singled out, arrested, and held accountable for their actions and for the damage they cause. Certainly, the cost of policing should be theirs, and the financial impact to the event hosts recovered from them directly. Looking at the age of many of them, we should probably just call their mums to come to get them.