Creepy activists censor the facts about the damage from transgender ideology

Caption: Eminent paediatrician, Professor John Whitehall, is the latest heretic of the New Dark Age.

In the New Dark Age, that?s being drawn across academic inquiry, rationality has been replaced by emotionality; objectivity with subjectivity. There are no more facts, only feelings.

Science is a ?white male construct?, and ?theorists? babble inane nonsense about ?privileging? ?masculine physics?, where Newton?s monumental work is a ?rape manual?.

But nowhere is more cant and outright nonsense to be found than in so-called ?gender studies?, which is to the social sciences what homeopathy is to brain surgery. This intellectual cancer was allowed to fester too long, and is now metastasizing thoughout academia. Any facts that might neutralise this academic parasite are viciously attacked. Academics are hounded into silence and papers are forced into the memory hole.

It?s in social media, however, that the malignancy has the greatest hold. Quote:

As fresh hospital statistics show an exponential growth in children receiving sex-change treatment, an eminent Sydney paediatrics professor has been banned by video platform Vimeo, which has removed his scientific lectures about gender disorders in children.

Vimeo deleted 11 of Professor John Whitehall?s video lectures yesterday after receiving complaints when they were uploaded by a group campaigning against radical gender ideology classes in schools.

?So much for free speech?, said Dr Whitehall, professor of paediatrics at Western Sydney University.

His lectures were a dispassionate explanation of the history of gender disorders in children and the effects of puberty-blocking drugs and sex change hormones, backed by peer-reviewed research from Australia and overseas. End of quote.

When there are no objective facts, and feelings are the sole measure, any facts that contradict your dogma are ?hate speech?.

Moreover, when activists have an agenda, they are desperate to suppress information which undermines it. Quote:

The censorship come as fresh hospital statistics obtained under freedom of information show an exponential growth in children receiving sex change treatment in the past four years. The rapid growth coincides with the launch of Safe Schools by the federal government in June 2014. The increase is staggering and, yet, in the midst of this epidemic of transgender children, any consideration of treatment other than hormones and surgery is censored and even criminalised.

This is the background to Dr Whitehall?s banned lectures.

In his most recent lecture, he cited a 1987 paper published by specialist psychiatrist Dr Robert Kosky, then WA State Director of Child and Adolescent Services and director of Psychiatric Services at Perth?s Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. End of quote.

This is why the tranny lobby was determined to feed his work into the Memory Hole: it undermines their entire ideology. The study examined what would today be called ?transgender children? and found disturbing results. Quote:

Psychotherapy and family therapy in hospital revealed ?often a pathological symbiosis between mother and boy ? The essential disturbance was the inability of the parent of the opposite sex to accept the child?.

The parent ?denied the child?s biological sex and encouraged their notions of opposite sex behaviours.

?When the child adopted these behaviours, the parent changed from a cold, mechanical interaction ? to warmth and affection?.

After the children were admitted to hospital: ?Cross dressing ceased very quickly [and] many of the other cross-gender behaviours which had been present for years, vanished after several weeks?.

They were allowed to keep cross-dressing but with limits.

Ten years later, Whitehall reported: ?One boy was perhaps homosexual. None of the other children, now adolescents, expressed homosexual feelings, was transvestite or transsexual.? End of quote.

It remains a fact that almost all ?transgender? children will eventually reconcile with their biological gender. Subjecting them to damaging hormone therapy and surgery should be considered abusive.

Meanwhile, creepy activists are assiduously brainwashing children under the deceitful cloak of ?anti-bullying? programs. Quote:

The good news is that grassroots organisations are mobilising to fight back?after research commissioned last month by Advance Australia found that 73 per cent of Australians are concerned about radical gender theory being taught in classroom, its first campaign, ?Binary?, will launch this week.

Sick of spineless politicians, Australians are taking matters into their own hands. End of quote.