Cry baby of the week

After reading the article in a newspaper I can only ask, why is it that so many people think that the rules shouldn’t apply to them?

A Pukekohe hairdresser refused to cut a 4-year-old’s hair despite the girl being a regular customer.

Little Shelby was left in tears on Thursday morning[…]

“We’ve been there quite a few times, I’d say at least five times before, since Shelby was 1-year-old,” […]

[…] Shelby was turned down because of a “new policy” that states a child cannot have a haircut there unless the parent or guardian is a customer as well.

[…] “They said it was because I don’t get my hair cut there,” she said.

[…] she was shocked when they were refused service, especially as they’d been a customer for a while.

Some responses from Twitter to this astonishing news article:

I really don’t understand why you give @ShayneCurrieNZH such a hard time when you see this type of high class investigative journalism.

Good grief.. A storm in a tea cup.

Go somewhere else, $25 for a 5min trim is stupid. Mother should be lucky they refused the service she saved some money

How is this a story??? Valuable lesson for the child. You don?t always get what you want in life.

Why is this news? Who’s the childs mother ??