Crybaby of the week

Midwife Anna Lakeman, picketing outside Christchurch Hospital, does not believe her fisherman son should be on a higher hourly rate.

Today’s Crybaby of the week is a 46-year-old midwife who has run bleating to the media about her 19-year-old son earning more per hour working on a fishing boat then she does. She omits to say that she’s been qualified for less than two years, and doesn’t seem to acknowledge that fishermen are only paid by what they catch so there will be plenty of hours where he effectively is working for free.

She’s at the same stage of her career as a 20-year-old who left school and did a midwife course. I can’t see why she thinks she’s worth any more than any young person starting out in their career. The government careers website (see below) shows a range from $49k – $115k so she’s only being a snowflake expecting top dollar when she’s still a rookie. A friend’s midwife wife works less than full time and makes ~$90k per annum so there really isn’t a problem.


by RantyKiwi