Daddy’s an Islamist from way back

Mr Eriklioglu (pictured centre) recently came to the defence of his sons, Samed (pictured left) and Ertunc (pictured right), and denied a family happy snap showing himself and his son displaying a distinctive one-fingered hand gesture was the salute of ISIS

“No, no my sons are not terrorists,” said the father of two Australian men accused of plotting a Melbourne terrorist attack. Dad was televised in New Zealand making this statement assuming that the gullible public would once again buy into the lie that Islam is a religion of peace and that his boys are devout Muslims, but not terrorists. Despite evidence to the contrary, there has been no retraction on New Zealand television because the media are not concerned about accuracy. They just don?t care. The Daily Mail reports. Quote.

Armagan Eriklioglu, the father of accused terror plotters Ertunc and Samed Eriklioglu, allegedly posted several incendiary messages on social media in 2014.

Among the series of Turkish-language messages were comments that allegedly promoted global conflict between Islam and the West,?The Australian?reported.

‘As long as Muslims continue fighting each other, obituaries and sorrowful songs will be in Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic and joyful songs will be in English and Hebrew,’ one Facebook message allegedly stated.

The father posted several photos at the peak of the Syrian conflict – one of which allegedly urged Muslims to go against any law that challenged the Muslim faith.

We will obey whatever religion of Islam says, even if it is a crime,‘ the accompanying caption in the Facebook message stated.? End of quote.

When will we get it through our thick heads that Muslims are obliged to obey Islam above Western laws?? This is why Eriklioglu has no compunction about lying to protect his sons.? Islam frowns on lying but permits it in certain circumstances. Quote.

Lying is a reprehensible and blameworthy characteristic and is not appropriate whether in earnest or in jest. There is no concession allowing it except in cases of necessity in order to achieve some definite shar?i interest that cannot be attained by telling the truth, or to ward off serious harm that cannot be warded off by telling the truth..? End of quote.

When Muslims tell us that they do not lie, they conveniently forget to add that lying is permissible in certain circumstances which are: to achieve Sharia law or ward off serious harm.? Being convicted as a terrorist would surely be classified as serious harm and we know that Eriklioglu wants to bring Sharia law into Australia because he says so – he has two legitimate reasons to lie. Quote.

Mr?Eriklioglu purportedly posted a Facebook message that was directed towards President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey about his stance on Sharia law.

‘The time you stop, waste is a bad deed, we demand that you bring sharia,’ he allegedly wrote at the time.??End of quote.

Deakin University professor Ihsan Yilmaz has been researching the radicalisation of Turkish diaspora in Western nations and said Eriklioglu’s comments suggest a ‘deep immersion in Turkish politics’.? Quote.

Mr?Yilmaz said there is a potentially dangerous new development emerging as the Erdogan government abandons secularism in favour of a forced Islamist stance.

He said Mr?Eriklioglu has repeatedly wrote about how Mr Erdogan – who has been accused of passively supporting Islamic State fighters – should lead the world.

One of Mr Eriklioglu’s Facebook posts allegedly also included a link to a Turkish-language ISIS propganda page.? End of quote.

One of Eriklioglu?s sons was snapped displaying a distinctive one-fingered hand gesture used by ISIS. Quote.

The photo was among a bundle of family happy snaps provided to Daily Mail Australia by Mr Eriklioglu during a visit to his Campbellfield home on Wednesday.

Mr Eriklioglu said the gesture was commonly used by Muslims long before it was hijacked by the terrorist organisation.

‘No no. That’s not an ISIS salute. It means one creator. Everyone does that. We don’t know anything about a ISIS salute. Nothing at all. Not us. No way,’ he said.

‘All we know is from hadith, prophet Muhammad done that 1 finger,’ he later clarified via text.

‘You can read hadiths about it. So ISIS has been around few years. That flag finger don’t belong to those idiots. We have been around more than 1440 years. Whoever made ISIS, they’re showing Islam bad.’? End of quote.

That?s because the ideology of Islam is bad!? The sooner we stop believing everything that Muslims like Armagan Eriklioglu says, the better off we will be.