DomPost trashes house values in Lower Hutt suburb

The biggest problem with the climate change debacle is that people keep spouting theories and beliefs as if they are real, which of course they are not. No one actually knows what the future will hold. Even if sea levels do actually rise, no one knows yet how high, or what the consequences might be. There is not much point in speculating on whether or not there will be a big earthquake in the Wellington region in 2 years, 10 years or 100 years. It may happen. It may not. No one knows.

The DomPost however,?in searching for good clickbait, has trashed the house values of several Lower Hutt suburbs, all because of what may or may not happen at some time in the future.

Stuff ?reports: quote.

Large parts of the Lower Hutt suburb of?Petone could be under water before the end of the century if?climate change continues on its current path, a damning new report has revealed.

The?study, commissioned by Hutt City Council, also suggests home owners in the suburb at the northern tip of Wellington Harbour?could find their?homes uninsurable in as little?as 30 years.

Petone, along with the Lower Hutt suburbs of Seaview, Alicetown and Moera, already face a number of threats relating to climate change.

The risk of flooding from heavy rain and storm surges is increasing and with the harbour rising, water cannot drain. end quote.

Please note the operative word is ‘could’. This means that nothing is certain, and those suburbs equally well ‘could’ be?not under water in 80 years.

Also, some of the issues in Seaview, Alicetown and Moera relate to inadequate floodwater management, rather than to rising sea levels. These issues could be managed better if the council took steps to upgrade their floodwater management systems. Flooding has always been a hazard in New Zealand, climate change or not. Nothing has changed there.

This report was commissioned by the Hutt City Council to enable it to make decisions on what can be done to mitigate risk. The council is looking for ways in which they can reduce the effects of rising sea levels if they occur, but the way the headline reads, it sounds as if Petone will be underwater by the end of next year. Remember – clickbait. That is all it is.

Sensationalising the unknown is what movie makers are supposed to do. The media has a responsibility to report events with some level of accuracy, and the approach to this article by the DomPost is appalling in its overtly dramatic approach.

It will reduce house prices in these areas, and will probably speed up the process whereby insurance companies look to increase premiums, or even refuse insurance altogether for the suburbs in question.

All for something that has not happened yet, and may well never happen.

Eighty years is a long time. Nuclear war may have happened by then. We may be in the middle of another Ice Age. To dramatise something that may happen in 80 years is just irresponsible. It is pure fiction.

But just like everything else about climate change, it is a fiction that is treated as a certainty. Climate change is not a certainty. Nothing is a certainty.

I have a lot of sympathy for people who own houses in the areas that are being targeted by the media. They stand to lose a lot of money, just because the DomPost thinks their suburb might be flooded one day.