Duncan Garner is hard right. Yeah…

Jane Bowron has written an absolute shocker. We all know that the media are at rock bottom and still heading downwards but, as an entitled snowflake, she still does not get it. She does not understand that newspapers are going out of print because they are dreadful (believe me, I know; I worked for more than a year in an office that subscribed to the Dompost; I used pictures from it in a few of my articles – usually to ridicule Justin Lester) and nobody wants to read them. But this is her preferred livelihood, of course, so instead of adjusting to the real world, she writes drivel, and boy, what drivel it is. quote.

Try searching ??for a decent show to watch on free-to-air television, especially at the weekends, and you have to head for the hills of Netflix or Lightbox. end quote.

I have had to do this for at least the last 3 years, Jane, or at least since Netflix was introduced to New Zealand. Before that, it was all cooking shows. Tragic. quote.

With the circadian rhythms blown to bits by the bright lights of watching devices, one could abandon viewership and rely on repairing to the scratcher with an old-fashioned transistor to listen to RadioLIVE’s?Weekend Variety Wireless?with Graeme Hill. end quote.

The Graeme Hill show is ending. Who is he? quote.

What sort of format the Magic Talk will be remains to be seen, but the RadioLIVE?Drive?show and?The AM Show?get to survive, the latter an unexciting breakfast TV show that manages to look good up against TVNZ’s charisma-free?Breakfast?show.

Cuts to RadioLIVE talkback leaves the field free for the hard-right hosts on Newstalk ZB, such as Mike Hosking, and Heather du Plessis-Allan with her penchant for borderline hate speech calling Pacific Islanders “leeches” and Nauru a “hellhole”. Larry Williams chimes in, calling the setting for Apec in Papua New Guinea a “cesspit”. end quote.

Jane is missing a magic truth. Ratings. People listen to Mike Hosking because he talks sense. Ditto Larry Williams, who I find to be the most sensible and balanced reporter on the radio today. If he says PNG is a cesspit, well… so it is. Not saying it because we don’t want to offend does not make it less true.

So this woman who is a modern-day journalist thinks Duncan Garner belongs to the ‘hard right’?

Ditto Heather du Plessis-Allan. Ditto Mike Hosking for that matter.

Are you actually serious, Jane?

Heather is a serious fan of Jacinda, and overall she’s a leftie. She only supports landlords because she has a rental property herself. She does criticise the government occasionally, but overall she is as far from hard right as Adolf Hitler was from being made a saint.

As for Duncan Garner, ever since he wrote a piece last year that was badly (and deliberately) misinterpreted about New Zealand immigrants, Garner has been as wet as Lake Taupo. He even praised Andrew Little’s ‘integrity’ over the Pike River re-entry, for goodness sake.

Yes. Garner is a hard right journalist who wants to lock everyone up that doesn’t agree with him.

Oh, wait…

This tragic piece by Bowron is the reason no one bothers with the mainstream media any more. She is just angry that her little echo chamber is slowly disappearing, one low-rating show at a time. As the printed media disappears forever, we will read fewer and fewer articles by people like Jane Bowron.

I, for one, cannot wait.