Eastern eyes on the western prize

We should be very thankful that we are a tiny country at the bottom of the world with the best border available to us – a vast ocean – or we might be forced to repel boats of refugees like our Aussie neighbours and send them packing to Nauru or Manus Island.??Or would we?

Ardern threatened to give Manus Island illegals a home here, indicating her disdain for aligning with Australia’s strong stance on border protection – and why would she agree with Australia??

Ardern is a globalist who believes millions of refugees should be entitled to legitimately immigrate here and receive the same privileges New Zealand citizens enjoy.?Without contributing anything to the cost, of course. IMO no borders, no brains.

International migration is a one-way street, from east to west.??It does not go back the other way. There aren’t millions of westerners clamouring to migrate to Saudi Arabia, the Middle East or Africa. Eastern eyes are on the western prize. Like little children they do not understand what underpins our culture and how their values and behaviour destroy the freedoms we currently take for granted.

Image: REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany

The tragedy is that some western leaders, like ours, do not understand this either, so they do not acknowledge the threat or attempt to protect us from it.

Millions of people want what the west has accumulated, but they will not give up their barbaric lifestyle to get it. They will bring their inhumane practices and set up camp here, taking our housing, welfare, medical care and education that we worked hard to pay for, while continuing to do exactly what they did back home.

They will swamp us. Our culture will not survive an onslaught of millions of Sharia-law-promoting Muslims.

Mass migration is a huge problem for western culture but it barely gets a mention in the media.??No one acknowledges the threat.

We lack strong political leadership to protect us from the hordes who are biding their time until they can legitimately set themselves up here on their terms, not ours.?

What a great opportunity for a bright politician to stamp their mark on the New Zealand public and secure a political future, and what a huge disappointment that no one has yet stepped up to do exactly that.

Mass migration began in 2015 and is continuing momentum because the world’s fastest growing populations are in the Middle East and Africa. Quote.?

[By 2050] Africa will be home to around 3.4 billion people ? this is likely to be more than the populations of China and India combined. Such an unprecedented boom will present challenges as well as opportunities for the international community.” End of quote.

World’s Fastest Growing Populations www.weforum.org

The UN has taken responsibility for redistributing the predicted population boom by getting the global community on board with open migration.?

Softly, softly, first the “secret” EU agreement of 1995, the Barcelona Declaration, then Agenda 2030 in 2015 for sustainable development, the Marrakesh Political Declaration this year followed by the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration which is due to be signed this month.

You might assume the UN Global Compact is simply a sensible guideline for providing homes for desperate refugees from over populated and war torn countries.?

It is not. The compact is simply to continue softening the west, to set the stage for the future removal of national borders thus allowing migrants free entry wherever they choose to go. Migrants will have the right to choose where and when they go with support from host countries.

Proponents argue that because the Global Compact is non-binding,that? signing it does not commit us to anything. That is true, but it is the foundation document for open border migration in the years to come.??By signing it we are endorsing the prospect of open border migration?for New Zealand.

Our prime minister will sign the document to show her allegiance and set herself up for a position with the United Nations when New Zealand politics has had enough of her, or she of it.??Make no mistake, Ardern is a globalist planning her next step on the international stage just like her predecessor, Helen Clark. Despite Ardern’s wobbly maiden speech to an almost vacant chamber at the UN this year, this speech was her foot firmly on the bottom rung of the UN ladder. Her next step up will be to sign the UN Global Compact.

Judith Bergman has written an excellent article for the NZ Centre for Political Research on the Global Compact, “Migration is a Human Right”. *

If the concept of open borders and migrant rights concerns you, and it should, you might like to email the prime minister, the minister of foreign affairs and your local member of parliament to voice your concerns.