Farage fires a barage at Merkel

As part of the?Future of Europe debate with the?Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, on 13 November, Nigel Farage had this to say: Quote.

Mr President, I would like to say to you, Ms Merkel, that many of my Eurosceptic colleagues had been booing you this morning, but they shouldn?t be in a way because the British should be cheering you. Without you, we?d never have made it over the line with Brexit ? and I want to thank you very much for that. And of course many of these Eurosceptic groups on the right, the centre and the left will come back here after the next European elections in huge numbers directly as a result of your immigration and asylum policy. End quote.

Fancy thanking Merkel for convincing the British for voting to leave the EU! Quote.

Your ?we can cope? led to a huge migrant tide ? indeed, a stampede ? that came across the Mediterranean: young men coming from very different cultures, who were not going to integrate. Young men, none of whom would have qualified as being genuine refugees, and I think in many ways we looked at it in the referendum and we said that we don?t want to be part of an increasingly German-dominated European Union, and we certainly don?t want to pay the price for Ms Merkel?s errors. And I believe ? having heard you today, and listening to senior French politicians over the last couple of days ? that for us leaving the European Union is now indeed a liberation. It?s a European Union that we?re told is now to become an empire, a militarised European Union, an undemocratic European Union, a European Union that seeks to continually expand to the east. A European Union that has launched a new Cold War against the United States of America. A European Union that tries to rewrite history. And I think, a hundred years on from the Armistice, we should be genuinely worried. The idea that this new militarised Union is somehow a recipe for peace ? I suggest you will sit back and think a little bit more carefully. Maybe you should all reread history: the European project was set up to stop German domination. What you?ve seen today is a naked takeover bid.

So I think Brexit becomes a necessity after this. And for the rest of the countries: Ms Merkel, you?ve had a long, successful career, but your political decision to open up the doors unconditionally is the worst decision we?ve seen in post-war politics in Europe. Is it not time for you at last to admit that you were wrong? Is it not time for you to say to German communities and many others ?I?m sorry for what I?ve done to you and the problems I have inflicted upon you for many decades to come?? End quote.

Farage here is laying the blame for the unravelling of the EU squarely at Merkel’s feet.

Is Farage also firing a shot across May’s bow with this as a criticism of her plan to leave the EU but somehow stay in?

Will we see Farage back on the political stage in the UK in the near future?