Getting up ’em

Caption: The head of Advance Australia, Gerard Benedet.

Conservative provocateur and fabulous supervillain, Milo Yiannopoulos, has said that conservatives are losing because they?ve played by the left?s speech code for too long. While the left has relentlessly ramped up their Alinsky-ite assaults for decades, conservatives have tried to stay polite. They?ve been losing ground the whole time.

Socialist icon Joe Hill famously used his last words to urge his followers to ?Organize!?, and if there?s one thing the left has been exemplary at, it?s organising. Like Oz the Great and Powerful, they use their organisational acumen to wield an influence far out of proportion to their actual size. GetUp are ?organisers? par excellence. Using funding from powerful interests including the union movement, the Labor party and the Soros-funded Avaaz, and boasting exaggerated numbers (it allegedly claimed as ?members? anyone who had ever emailed them), GetUp have been assaulting conservative politicians for over a decade.

Conservatives have been caught like deer in headlights as the well-organised and lavishly funded clique of orange-shirted nannas, students and unemployed ? ?all that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking toward the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat?, as Orwell so memorably and accurately described them ? descended on polling booths and chained themselves to factory gates.

Now they?re hitting back. Quote:

A conservative alliance to rival GetUp is aiming to amass a million members by the mid-2020s and will consider manning polling booths on election day to provide voters with a ?scorecard? on ?candidates.

GetUp is a partisan political outfit in disguise as an independent, cause-driven organisation. So it?s good news that its pro-Labor/Green scripts will be challenged by a new mainstream group, Advance Australia, with former stock exchange chairman Maurice Newman among the figures serving on its advisory body. ?We are in the position of the battle of Stalingrad ?we have retreated to such an extent we need to hold our ground somewhere and start to push back,? Mr Newman said yesterday. ?We have to put our hand up and say we believe in this country. People like GetUp are so well funded.? End of quote.

The biggest lie of GetUp is their hand-on-heart claim to be non-party political. GetUp was founded with union money, donated in dubious circumstances by future Labor leader Bill Shorten. Shorten was a founding board member. One of its previous directors left to stand for the Greens. Without exception, GetUp have campaigned against Coalition politicians. Quote:

In the 2016 federal election, GetUp abandoned all pretence and handed out how-to-vote cards in favour of Greens and ALP candidates. They boasted about putting operatives in the field to canvass against the Coalition parties. Their influence is not trivial. It is exercised strictly on one side of politics, and that distorts democratic debate. End of quote.

As is the way with the contemporary left, GetUp have used bullying and intimidation to cow its targets, especially business. Quote:

This helps skew politics, which is already dangerously polarised at the expense of mainstream policy. Business has been missing in action. In private, chief executives bemoan the prospect of rising taxes and more regulation, but in public they are too afraid to upset the company board or an incoming Labor government. Here is an opening for a ginger group such as Advance Australia?

Its initial targets ? Labor?s confiscation of retirees? franking credits and the revisionist attack on Australia Day ? are well chosen. It should be able to build up a war chest but the crucial thing will be to recruit young, energetic leaders and tap into digital expertise ? such as the i360 software used by the Liberals in the South Australian and Victorian election campaigns ? in order to mobilise opinion and grassroots support for the sensible centre. End of quote.

Naturally, the lefties aren?t happy that someone is taking them on at their own game. Quote:

A conservative rival to GetUp would be ?a front? for coal producers, wealthy Australians, and religious schools, GetUp says. End of quote.

As opposed to a front for wealthy environmentalists, climate alarmists, and left-wing social engineers? It?s long past time someone got up ?em.